An Occurrence at Our Parallel Bridge…

Many people hate the off island scenes…on and off the site. I still stick by my thought that off island is not necessarily real…even the earlier flashbacks. Yes I think they had a hand in “creating” the characters traits and personalities…but I cant help but think that there is more to it…as if it is already decided who they were, are, and will be.

This cannot allow the meaning of them to be Lost…because they are not only important for what is to come…but what has ALREADY taken place.

I believe that I have found something proves that the flash-sideways that we are viewing have Always existed on Lost…but before that, my digression is necessary.

There is an obvious pattern taking place off island, and in that pattern, we have what I believe is a “parallel timeline/REALity” occuring…
The word “parallel” is very important to understand my view.
I do not in any way, shape, or form feel that it is running parallel to what we are seeing now, 2007…but what we saw in earlier seasons, beginning with season one in 2004.

Here is a quick rundown of what my interpretation and speculation of what is and will occur off island…at least with John and Jack.

I believe that John was capable of walking well after meeting Helen. There is a picture of them together in the most recent episode, and it appears that he is STANDING beside her in the photo…which would mean it most likely occured well after their getting together.
Im thinking that it is possible that John was somehow paralyzed through the work of his mother, due to the words being spoken of inviting his father to the funeral, to me, symbolizing a healthy relationship between father and son.
I believe that there are still similarities in the parallel line, him having a parent involved in his accident seems to fit well.

I believe we are going to see Ben and John form a bond off island. In doing so, at some point we will learn one of two things…
That Ben is now married to, or is at least with his on island sweetheart Annie…or that Annie is none other than John Lockes fiance, Helen. Im stretching with this one, but she has to be important and what better place for a more formal introduction than a parallel timeline. Im strongly leaning towards the idea of Helen being Annie, but I fell flat on my Kate and Annie theory, so I will be vague on this one.

I think with more info on Bens “European History Teacher” title, we will hear him give a lesson on a famous explorer, which will most likley give John Locke another case of deja vu.
I believe we will hear about a man of many languages and skills disguise himself as an imposter so that he can make his way to the Holy Land…or Mecca…
I believe that he will be a man who if I met, I would tell him “Sir, there are a thousand and one nights for you to be further implemented on the show, but couldnt think of a better night…or man, for that matter, to do it than Benjamin Linus, European history teacher.”

I believe that we will learn that John gets to meet up with Jack through fate, and have their session. Jack will again instill faith into John Locke, and Jack will get his moment in the sun to fix the unfixable…for the first time from his perspective.

You see, I believe that Sarah comes into the ER and Jack does everything he can to fix her…but to no avail. Sarah will be paralyzed, her fiance will leave her, and she will still marry Jack.
In past theories I have stated that I feel that the comic book that Hurley is reading in Season5, “Y: The Last Man” will play some role on the show. It is about a virus that only affects the men of the world, leaving them unable to produce children…I am not exactly sure how this would all work out, but its idea led me to a possible thought on Jack off island.
He and Sarah, or at least Sarah were trying to conceive, I believe that in our parallel reality…they do. Jack will have a child and he and Sarah will still be together, her in a wheelchair this time.

I believe that John will allow Jack to perform the surgery, and John will FINALLY have what he feels is ultimate redemption…the ability to walk down the isle with the love of his life…

No, things never are that easy, not on Lost or one of my theories…

Some time after Jack fixes Locke, but before the wedding…Helen will have tragedy strike her in the form of a brain aneurysm…for John is supposed to be on the island…not his happy little life off island…destiny is a fickle bitch…and will continue to be as the story unfolds.

I feel that Helen is and always has been Lockes constant. When he says her name to the girl on the phone(phone-sex operator?) in his flashbacks, I believe that it, like the drawing of the monster is a clue that he remembers more than it seems about his “parallel life”. He calls her Helen because he wants Helen…he just doesnt realize it.

The ultimate clue to me comes literally in a parallel view. As stated above, its obvious that the producers are drawing a line next to the line from season one in order to show us this “flash-sideways”…here is the fun part…

In season one, Locke goes boar hunting, and eventually falls and almost seems paralyzed again for a moment…I always thought it would come back to play…
In this season, we see Locke try to get out of his broken van lift by “jumping” to the ground, lol, something that didnt go all that well. He ended up in the sprinklers…only to be helped by “Helen”.
This should put us at about the same timeframe as the parallel timeline…we see Locke on the ground in both scenes…but the one on island has him awaken from a “flashback”…and just for an instant seems very disoriented…even asking for “Helen”…

I believe that at this point, we are seeing the 2 sides of John Locke interact consciencly with one another…just as deja vu seems to plague the Losties off island, it has been doing it all along on the island.

Say what you will, but this to me will come back around and be one of the first scenes of the show to actually relate the timeline we are seeing now, to the one we see from the start. Dont tell me they didnt know what they were doing all along…they did, and they are very good at it.

This will put Locke back in the place where he is at the end of season 4, miserable, out of ideas, suicidal, and alone…well, almost alone…his friend Ben Linus will be there to have his back…or find him dead…but I believe Ben having his back is a better choice.

This is the point where things get fuzzy. I am addmitingly having a hard time putting the pieces together for the return of everyone, but feel that Daniel Faraday and obviously Desmond Hume will play a role in everyone getting back to the island, but they will have to be together off island first.

I feel that in the long run, this occurance that we see occurring will not have truly occurred more than anything else off island that we have seen in the Losties lives. This in no way represents them being invaluable to the story, because EVERTHING in the story has value. As not real as two stories occurring in the same time frame seems to us…it is VERY real to the characters.

What this means, is that the physical exsistance of these characters in the world off the island means nothing in terms of what they did in their lives…but what they will DO in their lives on the island.

I stand my my thoughts from my theory “The Greatest Theory I Have Ever Seen…”, that the off island REALities…are not that REAL. That we will see the scene from the pilot episode and beyond occur, not as it was…but as it should be.
I believe that the Locke that we see wake up on island, being able to walk in the very first story of his Lost Life will be the John Locke from the parallel timeline that we are seeing unfold…and THAT is why he is able to walk…not because Jack will fix him…but because he already has.

I also said in that theory, and still fully believe that Jacks fathers casket that he chops up is the one missing from “LAX”, and it is truly the first clue to the timelines being meshed from the very beginning all along.

As these things continue to come together, we will learn to stop believing that physical existance means anything…to stop believing that DEAD is DEAD…to stop believing that John Locke is dead…because he is alive.
There is more to Lost than Black and White…but I do not believe that gray is the answer…gray is the easy way out. You can be alive and dead…but you have to understand in order to bring yourself to the enlightenment of this reincarnating act of remembering and believing in both lives.

Lines are drawn…sides are being taken…and we are running out of time to choose…my choice is and will always be John Locke…
Nobody has had more faith, trials, endurance, and will than John, and I feel that although MIB may have chose him for his pathetic nature…Jacob may have chosen him for the exact opposite reason.

Thank you for your time. This is a big theory in progress that I wanted to share…let me know your thoughts…

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Abbot Enheduanna Schwarzschild

71 thoughts on “An Occurrence at Our Parallel Bridge…

  1. This is part of a big theory in progress? Please finish soon. What you stated about John yelling for Helen on the island in season 1 really opened my eyes to the idea that the writers were always actually showing us things for a purpose….which is a relief from hell.

    Obviously you’re onto something. I knew this other timeline was leading in the direction the island timeline did, but not to this extent. This is extremely interesting and I’d like to see if there’s any other precise, specific similarities between season one and this one….I mean SCARY similarities, like the empty coffin idea.

    Great post, this all makes a lot of sense. lookin forward to more.

  2. Hi AES, I think you may be onto something with your theory, which has to do with the belief that we are living out many possibilities/versions of our lives past, present and future simultaneously.

    Your statements regarding John Locke and Christian’s coffin being empty has an ‘air’ of truth to it. This would provide us with reasons as to why John was able to walk when #815 crashed on ‘the island’ (even though he boarded the plane with a wheelchair), and why Christian’s casket was empty upon arrival.

    There is no doubt in my mind, that whatever they are experiencing is in the realm of their ‘conscious’ minds. The acts of acceptance of their fates as opposed to who we see originally land on ‘the island’ in the flash sideways view and the interactions of the same characters in their lives, albeit different circumstances, stand out as being significant.

    We will learn in future why this is being brought to the forefront on ‘the island’, and what its purpose serves. Not only in the characters lives but in the broader sense of the word.

    Enlightenment can only be achieved once conscious awareness, acceptance, sacrifice, forgiveness and redemption are reconciled on all conscious levels.

    I see that enlightenment and understanding are necessary to the characters and are at the heart of the this story.

    I believe the ‘flash sideways’ ARE important and integral to the story. Thanks for shedding some ‘light’ to an element of Lost that currently has us all ‘stymied’.

    Great thoughts!

  3. I very much enjoy the alt timelines as well. One of my favorite things is having a boring episode like “What Kate does”, and finding out later all the things that connect more dots…I love scouring episodes like these for references and themes.

    Loopy, thanks for the words…

    I have had that thought about Christians coffin from the time I saw the episode, I gotta stick it out now…but you make a good point…it could serve as some proxy for Widmore, or at the very least bait for Jack.

    T answer you question about “physically” returning…no.
    I think at some point the characters will conscience flash back into their “sideways” selves from the 2004 timeline we know as “815 crashing”.
    They will awaken after, as Dabs said,with “conscious awareness, acceptance, sacrifice, forgiveness and redemption reconciled on all conscious levels.”…

    I believe we will see them in the same position as the pilot episode…but with the knowledge what occurred before. And not unlike Desmond with Jimmy Lennon…they will be able to change things from the past on the island.

    There will be occurrences on island that will contribute as well…but I am focusing more on off island here.

    Hope that helps with where Im headed here…again, thanks for the thoughts, input, and questions.

  4. Hi Dabsi…

    I love your words defining enlightenment.
    Im thinking that off island, they are going to run into many bumps in the road after their run of seeming fortune…but as you say, they would have to learn from it…all the things you say about enlightenment.

    The biggest thing for me, is that I dont think they will run from it this time. They wont enlist themselves in mental hospitals, drink or pop pills to make problems disappear. I dont think they will take the easy con…or sign over responsibilities for problems in which they brought on themselves (babies).
    Im thinking with possibly the exception of the infected Sayid…many of them will accept responsibility…and accept their ‘fate’ on a governed level.
    They will give up the opportunity to run…to take responsibility off the island…and once merged into their on island selves, fight for what they tried to run from the entire show…the island and what it means…

    Thanks for the thoughts and comments as always Dabsi…I love your words on enlightenment… I fully agree with it being the heart of the story…

  5. Chief…yes, yes…more to come on these ideas.

    I was hoping you would appreciate this. Many talk about the Nicky and Pauolo episode, but there are several others that were seemingly below par in terms of answers or excitement. We just saw faster answers…I think some of these slow moving, off island episodes are not asking more questions, but giving us some answers that we dont yet understand…which I guess makes this the round about way of saying that.

    Im glad you like this. Honestly…when you come out and call BS on an episode…which at first glance “Kates” kind of is…it makes me dig a little deeper to try and uncover some possibilities.

    I have a few ideas for purposes of Kates episode, but nothing as solid as this….which isnt really solid at all…so you can imagine where Im at on that thought.

    I dont look at it as much as grasping for straws as I did in the past…I put my faith in the producers to give us a good show and a good reason for doing what they are…even if it proves me wrong in the end.

    Thanks for the comments Chief…Im not going to lie…the relationship of “Helen” was a relief from me too when it first clicked… every week without answers makes us grumble a little more…I believe ‘patience’ would possibly be a word to add to Dabsis list of enlightenment words…mine is running low, lol…

  6. Oh…also Chief…maybe not season one, but when Kate had her little breakdown when Sawyer was injured…it sure seemed like she was experiencing some sort of conscience flip….switch…or flash when she suddenly started having a conversation with her father through Sawyer.

    Hurley and Dave could very well be a complication/gift of all of this, on and off island…maybe Dave is his best friend in our parallel timeline…maybe Libby is his wife, which is why she is crazy and for whatever reason infatuated with Hurley…screw posting another theory for others, lets throw some thoughts around.

    I believe Jacks child/son MAY be named Charlie.

    I think Kate may have a black horse, or at least run into one again off island around the time she sees one on island.

    I think Sayid, although possibly evil, will have a relationship with Nadia…and they will have a CAT, like the one he sees in the jungle and the woman he tortures “in another life” had…

    I think Walt will somehow be in everyones lives. Go to Locke and Bens school, Jack maybe for a doctor, Michael obviously a father, and maybe a dog, etc, etc…Walt is special, he pops up where he doesnt belong…this will be debated…its just an idea…I know he is probably more special than that…but there has to be a way to connect him to the other characters off island. Maybe Shannon baby sits him off island…maybe Walt somehow relates to why a dead kid covered in blood is messing with MIB…governing him to a degree…”Get up John…”, “You know the rules…”…

    I believe some of these visions and hallucinations are in relation to the monster…but the ones above I feel could very well be part of the ever meshing Losties conscience into itself…

  7. Excellent theory as always A.E.S.

    Will be back to post a longer reply but haven’t got much time so for now I will just relate to Walt. How you said he will be involved in everyones lives. Maybe its everyone involved in his. Our Losties are drawn to him just like the pretty little birdies. I also think he could be the Last Recruit and maybe the chosen candidate given the fact Michael is dead along with his Mum. I believe he will return to the island with the help of Widmore, Desmond and Faraday. Well I will leave you to think about that and like the Terminator said ‘I’ll be back’ to write a more thorough reply.

    Like I said though as always a wonderfully written and well thought out theory.

    Nice work 😀

  8. OK, another one comes from “all the best cowboys have daddy issues”, right before Jack revives Charlie.
    Ethan kicks the hell out of Jack, then we see a flash back about he and Christians battle over Christian possibly causing a woman to die while operating impaired.

    Jack wakes up to Kate and takes off in the jungle trying to save Claire from Ethan. He says “I’m not going to let him do this…not again.”.

    Maybe its his spat With Daddy spilling through…or maybe Jack remembers something we have yet to see involving Ethan again going after Aaron and Claire in the parallel timeline.

  9. When Flocke yelled in the woods in this last episode something like Don’t tell me what I can’t do!!! Hadn’t he said that before? Yelled that before as Locke himself? This connection has always bothered me as I can’t place my finger on it.

  10. Great thoughts… Helen, now that would be a very interesting twist. Love it!

    I totally agree that Locke from the parallel could be the Locke who wakes up on the beach after the crash… And, if the island never really healed Locke because he was already healed, then what are your thoughts on Rose? Do you think it will be somewhat of the same story for her, or do you think the island did heal her because of her unfaltering faith?

    Dab’s: I think enlightenment is and has always been a huge theme of the show. So, once again we seem to be on the same page…

    AES: Good pick up on the “I’m not going to let him do this…not again” line. That one line has bugged the hell out of me for the longest time. I always thought it was so out of place for what was going on in the story at the time… So yeah, I hope you’re right! Good job!

    On a side note: Did anyone else take notice to Helen’s black nail polish? And, am I the only one that thinks black nail polish is an odd fashion statement for a middle aged woman? Or, am I looking at things that mean nothing? lol!

  11. AES,

    I gotta say this is brilliant and in the world of Lost would make alot of sense.
    Although alot of what you predict is speculation, i can see it all playing out that way.

    I like the idea of the two realities sort of bleeding into eachother which i always suspected would happen, but unlike you hadn’t noticed it already has. I definitely gotta watch more intently.

    Damon and Carlton have been saying that this season would have alot of similarities to season 1, so the idea that what is happening in the alt timeline affected what was happening in the original one and vice versa would fit well. Anything is possible at this point, ‘Only fools are enslaved by time and space’ right? We’ve witnessed the time part…

    This has got me excited to see where the show goes now, and gives the ALT a lot more meaning.

    Good stuff!

  12. AES, I gotta say I don’t understand half of what you’re saying, but this is very, very interesting.

    What I don’t understand, for example, is this. You say the “flash sideways”-storyline is actually parallel to season 1 (and so on) right? But at the same time you’re saying that the healthy John waking up on the beach in season 1, is the same John that is going to be fixed by Jack in the “flash sideways”.

    I love your mentioning of the similarity of Helen, but doesn’t that contradict the fact that operated-John wakes up on the island beach in the pilot?

  13. So are you saying John can walk on the island because Jack had fixed him in the parallel reality?
    If so does that mean everyone has to die on the island to make room for the alt. reality losties to come?

    Way i see it – John is dead on the island in normal reality and alive on the plane in alt. r. so jack fixes him there – Locke can walk on the island in the crash.

    Or am i way off?

    Really liked this theory, good job

  14. you dont fail to impress AES. your thoughts are simultaneously “out there” and yet well grounded.

    I have a similar problem with stone about locke, and there is always the issue of knowledge. he has met many of the characters now in the alt, and it would seem that he would have knowledge of them.

    i guess you can argue that a flash sideways would wipe away some of your memory much in the same way that desmond lost his memory when time flashing on his way to the freighter.

    most of your points are very good though, and the parallels to season 1 are definitely more important than we are aware of at this point.

    perhaps the alt timeline is also here to show that MIB is wrong about Jacob’s influence. Maybe he did bring these people to the island, but without him their lives would not really be all that different. his “manipulations” are not life-changing, just pushes in the right direction.

  15. Man am I glad Lost is on tonight. This thread has given me a new motivation. Can’t wait to see what happens now.

    On top of all the other good connections being made in previous comments….this one’s kind of iffy, but what about Cindy literally disappearing in s02e06? Did the others really kidnap her as quietly and quickly as they would have had to? or did Cindy actually disappear? We know (more like assume) that Desmond literally disappeared on the plane, so maybe Cindy did too. Maybe we’ll hear of something happening to her in the alternate timeline as well, something tragic.

    Regardless of how ridiculous that possibility might be, there are many connections just waiting to be found I’m sure.

    If you’re right about all of this AES, which it’s looking like you probably are, this could shape up to be one of the best seasons of TV ever. It’ll for sure encourage people to rewatch the entire show from the beginning to try to catch the little things, and it would explain many of the mysteries, such as Kate’s black horse you refer to.

  16. Man, am I jealous Lost doesn’t air on Dutch tv tonight. 😉

    But hell, this is also giving me new motivation. Even though I don’t understand this ‘theory’ fully, those connections are brilliant.

  17. I finally saw what you’re talking about in terms of Helen and Locke. It’s s01e04 when Locke accidentally calls Kate “Helen” right after a flachback. We all blew it off considering we, the audience, had no idea who Helen was at the time.

    Anyway, he DID seem completely out of it when he woke up, as if there was a conscience shift.

  18. So, wouldn’t this theory mean that the island never did and does not have healing powers? It would explain why Ben had a tumor on his spine. We always assumed the island healed people but this theory would mean it never did, it just appeared that way to us, the audience. Of course, this would also mean Rose still has terminal cancer unless she is healed in the alt timeline. (Right?)

  19. I can’t help but to wonder if this flash sideways is at all related to what was happening to Desmond while he was on the freighter. His was triggered by the movement of the island thru time after Ben turned the wheel. While he was aware of both timelines what they could be experiencing could be because of the bomb exploding at the dahrma dig site without a conscience awareness of moving back and forth thru time.

  20. Thanks for all thecomments everyone…
    I think I can answer everyone’s questions. Ill be on in about 2 hours to do so…

    Again, thanks for the kind words and the questions…

  21. AES, as always you provide a very interesting theory that needs several readings to fully absorb it. This is another ‘printer’ theory. I like the idea of their consciousness interacting with their other selves.

  22. There was a moment in the school hallway when John was asking where the teachers lounge was that I definitely thought we would be reintroduced to Walt. That didn’t occur last week but I do think it’s coming.

    Also, in the episode What Kate Does, when Kate is going to change clothes after having the handcuffs removed, there is a mirror above her. It just seemed like a very strange moment to me and I remember thinking that if Kate would just look into the mirror something wierd would happen but she never did.
    Great stuff as usual AES!

  23. Thanks for posting this.
    They are some of the more interesting ideas I’ve read. I’m hopeful that there is as big of a connection between the first 5 seasons and all of the new ‘timeline’ stories as you’ve proposed (whether or not your ideas turn out to be the case).
    There seems to be so many ‘parallels’ between the seasons (specific characters, specific events and more obviously now, timelines).
    You speculate on Desmond playing a role in getting them back to the island, but I’m interested in how what we’ve already seen Desmond experience fits into your ideas (particularly, his interaction between what may be viewed as parallel timelines).
    Well done

  24. A little less fictional explorer Dave…but good guess…

    My apologies for not responding sooner, couldn’t access the site on lunch…ill have to get to them after I’m done at the factory…but I will respond before the episode tonight…thanks

  25. Hi AES. Really good theory about the two realities merging consciences, which explains all the unexplained ‘occurences’ in the first season! I’ve never posted on this site before, but have been reading everyone’s excellent theories for a year. I had to register to the site just so I could give props to AES on this theory, I think you’re getting us really close to understanding how this show works. How clever are the writers: we still don’t fully understand what’s going on but we’re still watching in anticipation all the way to the end!

  26. Wes…thanks for the comments and look foreward to your next one when you have more time.

    I like your thoughts on Walt. I think it will be slightly bigger than just everyone being attracted to him…I think everyone is attracted to…well, everyone.

    There is something to this and Walt knows more than any of us. His prediction/dream of Locke on the beach in a suite with everyone mad at him seemed to not be a dream, but foreshadowing…or possibly even a “Desmond like memory” much as Widmore had…hmmmm…

    Good thoughts on Walt and again thanks for the comment.

    Lost in thought…I like the idea of that phrase meaning something to Locke and having more of an impact than we believe. Maybe back in his days as a man…it was a phrase often uttered by MIB…hmmmm again…

    Good thoughts, and thanks again for the comment…

  27. Great theory AES, and great comments.

    I wonder, if Faraday crying in front of the screen has something to do with this “conscience phenomena.” (Unless that has been answered already)

  28. I like the theory, and thank it’s truly interesting. But if thats the case, then what does Jacob and MIB have to do with anything. Plus we know that the island losties have lives off the island, we have seen Walt go back to it permanently. So how are these timelines supposedly intertwined??? I highly doubt this is the case. Sorry to sound pessimistic.

  29. Ok, this is extremely off topic, but I just found out that tonights episode is written by damon and carlton, and directed by jack bender.

    if this wont be a great episode, nothing is.

  30. Elsewhere…good question about Rose.
    Im fuzzy on that, but I will more than happily give you my answer for the moment.

    There are a few ways they could go about this…

    I am debating with myself constantly whether Jacob is the source of the islands “healing power”…or the island is the source of Jacobs…Im leaning towards the latter.

    I am thinking possibly that we have not seen all of the visits by Jacob, and a few more of the names on the ceiling will be visited in this off island parallel timeline we are watching…I think that it is possible that Jacob is easily maneuvering through time and space with little to no limitations.

    This in my mind would be a way for him to visit the losties in the past such as Kate and Sawyer…visit John, Jack, and whoever else from that timeframe….and visit Hurley and Sayid post island/2007.

    But it doesnt stop there. I believe it may be possible that he visits Walt(MICHAEL), Rose, Claire, and more in the timeline playing out now off island…

    Again, there is more…we saw him visit Ilana. I think that her visit will occur at an even stranger time/place, just not sure which. I always placed her in the same category as Richard Alpert…maybe not completely non-aging, but who knows…
    I do believe her visit will come at a time and place that will make us ask where and when the hell we are in that scene.

    Im thinking maybe from the 1800s or even the alt timeline itself. We are unaware as to how much time has passed between her and jacobs meeting and her getting with Sayid…time will tell…

    OH..and GREAT catch on the nail polish…I caught it immediatley, but was tied up in this at the time…great catch…maybe her relationship with John goes beyond what we know…maybe she is…well, thats for another time, lol…Great catch though…

    Im glad you picked up on the title and Burton…2 things I hid away to see if anyone would get…I do that often, and they are often passed by unnoticed…so…thanks for the noticing along with the nice comments and contributions.

  31. Shep_Flocke… I live and breathe for speculation on this show…but it has to be done right. I know there are other ways to go on this…but I just dont buy off island as being the happy ending everyone wants…waaaaay too easy in my opinion.

    I tried to find things that have literally no explanation up to this point, and apply them to this theory the way I viewed the scenes with “Helen”.

    Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the compliments, and btw…it seems Jacob pities the fools enslaved by time and space (“Im sorry” or “Give my blessing”…while MIB instead is simply disappointed in them and has given up hope and faith…

  32. AES, I did not read every post (the 32 actually) from this theory, so be patient if you have aldready said this:

    I loved the theory, but have ONE problem with it:

    You said that Jack’s father casket is, I quote: “truly the first clue to the timelines being meshed from the very beginning all along”, but Locke also loses his knives in the ATL and gets them back on last week’s episode. So the obvious question here is: Why can you say that, eventhough Locke’s knives did get to the island in the crash-timeline? Locke’s knives and Jack’s father casket both arrive on the island, but when Jack’s father casket in the ATL starts missing you think it is actually in the crash-timline? I do not knot that, I don’t think so…

  33. Stone….GREAT questions that need answered for more understanding of this…

    John cant walk if he doesnt want to…period in my eyes. When he doubts the island…or more importantly himself, he loses his ability to overcome what happened to him in another life…he is the closest to understanding throughout the earlier seaons, possibly because of the monster, bu I believe moreso because of his faith and will…he has to not only believe, but grasp the concept of an “enlightenent” type of thought to follow through fully…

    He wants to walk/believe and continues to push himself throughout the entire show…up to the last minute of his death. He is the only one who fights for the island…as if he knows there is more at stake.

    I think that the reason all of this is possible is not completely due to the bomb going off…it may have been a catalyst, but not the true reason.

    I think that these timelines are not lines in a sense as “pre island, crash, O6 got off, the island jumps and stops in different timeperiods, they come back, etc…

    I think that while the scene we watched occur in the pilot go down, this off island scene was happening too. Im struggling to place an EXACT way for it to occur, but these clues mean more to me than time travel, which is what I think you are alluding to…

    The island allows for the people on it to be capable of interacting with the different versions of itself, possibly due to being in a “flash”, but I think its just the capabilities of the island and what the people WANT to believe.

    The easiest way to understand what I am trying to say is to completely throw out any kind of real timeline…the whole thing involving the off island past or present…throw it out.

    Understand that time is irrelevant…meaning order is irrelevant as well.

    Its funny, I say that off island is not necessarily real, yet I believe that it and on island happen at the same time…and yet it makes some weird sense to me, lol…

    Your question is the hardest to truly understand. Its so complicated that it doesnt make sense even when you get it…trust me…I hope the producers can explain it better than I if they go this route.

    I can honestly say that I truly appreciate your comments knowing that you dont fully understand what Im talking about.

    Hopefully as more light is shed on the examples, more understanding will be obtained by you and I both, lol…

    Thanks for the comments and question…a very necessary one to understand my craziness…

  34. Mamey…skipping to you real quick…

    I do not and have never associated Lockes knives with Christians casket…and I know you didnt say I did, I just want to make that clear first.

    I believe Christians casket is important due to what is inside of it…when Jacks fathers casket turns up off island tonight or next week, many will come to say their words to me against my idea…which I understand…but that doesnt mean that the casket there is the one that is supposed to be…

    IF it does show, maybe they switched and maybe they didnt…maybe Im just wrong.

    I have stressed about this point on many other posts…I think the tell tale will be what shoes Christian has on…I know this does not make sense…but somehow I feel it will play a role still and may help explain this thought…

    Great question…the knives in my eyes were nothing more than a way for Jack and John to meet…for fate and destiny to continue to play their role…but it also is a way to show how important they still were to John…because if he does allow jack to operate as I thoerize…then they were the cause of their encounter in the airport to begin this season and a way for everything to still occur as we know it so far…
    …damn, great question…made me really think (and reach a little) on that one…

  35. 45!!!

    No, this doesnt mean they necessarily have to die…but it may mean that it doesnt hurt.

    I think there will be an event, most likely a donkey wheel that causes them all to flash back to the “crash of 815”, pilot like scene.

    Nobody had to die in 77 for them to flash to 07 physically, so I doubt that death is necessary for it occur via conscience travel.

    I think you are spot on with your explanation of Jack fixing john…just minus the dead part. I mean he is dead on island, but I think us seeing Jack and Kate and whoever else off island is a sign that death is not necessary…but it could very well explain WHY John already has an understanding of the isalnd when they arrive…although Im sure Smokey helped with that as well.

    Great input, and thanks for the nice comment.
    Your question may have awakened an idea in me regarding johns already aware conscience in the original 2004 that we saw in season one.
    Hope this can give you at least a little further insight into my views here….

  36. AES, I have to tell you something that made me smile, if you don’t mind.

    I was thinking about the parallel ladders the other day, and what a picture clue they are for all of us. And then I was thinking about how Flocke saved Sawyer from falling off of one ladder and pulled him into the other.

    This was a huge scene.

    When I saw the title of your post, I was thinking that maybe you ventured into talking about it and we were headed into the “Free Will” and “what does MIB represent?” topic given that he saved Sawyer’s life by pulling him onto that ladder. (So if MIB wanted him dead and that is what he needs to move on, we should all have recognized what happened there…)

    But I also saw the image of the parallel timelines at play on those ladders, and it made me curious if they were giving us any other clues to consider. So in reading your post, I was super excited that this is where you went with the ladder thing…

    So all of that is to say, VERY nice post. Great explanations and possibilities for what could come next. I’m sure you know after my Kate post that I am seeing how critical it is to look back (as in seasons back, not just a few episodes back) to see where things could go next. In essence, it’s the same “remembering”-type of thing for us viewers as it is for the characters.

    So now it’s about time for Des to come and help those deja vu moments along, right? 🙂

  37. AES,

    Is your theory stating that Jacob is still some sort of “higher power” in the off-island, and alive as well?

    Interesting! I was assuming the whole time that what we could be seeing are events when Jacob never existed. You think any of your theories can work with that? I could be totally wrong since so many people from the island are alive (ethan, ben, etc).

  38. Eko…I love this line form you…
    “Maybe he did bring these people to the island, but without him their lives would not really be all that different. his “manipulations” are not life-changing, just pushes in the right direction.”

    There is a lot of talk of who the good guys and the bad guys are…but when you play a game…play chess, or backgammon…you dont care about the pieces…you care about one thing, and its not how you play the game…
    Things like that are reserved for little blonde kids running around telling you to obey the rules.

    As for Johns knowledge, its there…it just needs unLocked…

    John remembers things he shouldnt…Remember the line “This isnt supposed to happen!!!”…thats one of them.
    I think John is trying desperately to not fullfill his destiny in the early seaosns, but to understand. He is the only one who doesnt want to leave…the only one who wants to learn…the only one who doesnt believe the island is JUST and island.

    Maybe due to his death as I tried to explain to elsewhere, or maybe because of time travel and conscience flashing…but his relentless push towards understanding and keeping his faith are what I see as ultimately causing his own perosnal enlightenment and his memories, ala Desmond Hume (as you say about the loss of memory)…

    This is hard to explain, and I will try to further do so after the episode.

    As usual Eko, great thoughts… and also as usual, thank you for the nice words.

    I love your quote that I started this comment off with…it is something I am sort of banking on…not so much Jacob is evil or bad…just that he is at LEAST a little good.

  39. Katie, I tried to cover that topic in my comments to Elsewhere…
    I hope it helps, if not, let me know and I will try and tackle it further…

    Forever…hell of a thought…seriously.

    I am all for a theory on that idea. I actually have a seperate thought on Des that I will still post regardless in another theory, but I really like that thought and would LOVE to see where you take it…

  40. Achalli, I will be awaiting your response, and hope you enjoy it after another read through…

    Roland…As soon as I saw Locke in the school, I thought “Wheres Walt?”…glad I wasnt the only one.
    Great perspective on the mirror with Kate…I missed that one, damn…
    Thanks for the comment and the kind words…

    Big Smoke…thanks for commenting…I believe our first encounter here…
    I have some BIG thoughts for Des…he has been important to me since “Flashes before your eyes”, and have always felt his role is vital to the Losties completing their task and finding their true fate…I promise in the next week Ill get something out relating him to the situation…

    Thanks for the comments all…

  41. Cliff, I like your thoughts on Dan…I have said in the past that he was like that for reasons regarding his experiments…but that doesnt explain his tears over 815…it will come back around for Des…maybe he and Theresa live a happy life off island now…but as we know, destiny is a fickle bitch…and will continue to be…

    As for Jacob…and MIB for that matter…dont be surprised to see them off island in either some corny way as we saw Ben…or as I believe, in a way that he is still jacob, lost without his island…trying desperately to try and find people who can help bring it back…

    Great thoughts and thanks for the compliments…

  42. Kim…Glad I could make you smile…I make enough people nuts here that it feels good to make someone happy, lol, even if the title was misleading.
    I love your symbolism with the ladders…went right over my head…

    I have some big thoughts for Des…he will play his role…its just a little early for his answers though…but that doesnt mean he wont make an appearance…

    Great thoughts and I want to talk with you again soon on the MIB/Desmond matters…

    but we are in the last hour before the show, and its about time to get ready…

    OH, if I could make a request…

    I am apparently incapable of writing anything that doesnt include some crazy speculation that makes everyone wonder how sane I am…and you wrote a wonderful follow up on “What Kate Does”…sooooo, I am wondering if you can possibly do that again for the upcoming episode.

    I really think you covered important things that many missed, and would love to see that happen again regardless of the episodes “quality”…

    I know you are a busy body, and understand that I might not see it until next week…but if you get a chance I would really like to get you perspective on the episode again in that manner…you covered a lot of bases, and judging by your “ladder” comment…you had some more this week that not all of us got…

    thanks for the comments and either way about the “follow up”…I get you are busy, so if you cant, its cool…but if you can…its cooler… I just like your perspective and think it would be beneficial to anyone who reads it…

  43. Relating to the original post, this might be a stretch, but please check this out (this is hard to explain)…..

    AES – As you state in your post, John wakes up and mistakes Kate for Helen in the 4th episode of season 1, coinciding with him being in his front yard yelling for Helen in “The Substitute”. It looks like the amount of time passed in each of the two timelines matches pretty well….

    In that same episode in season 1, John sees Smokie for the first time, face to face. A little later on he meets up with Jack, and refers to the smokie moment saying “I looked into the eye of the island, and what I saw….was beautiful.” with a smile.

    Well, that same day in the alternate timeline, John is explaining to Helen how faithless and hopeless he feels about ever being able to walk again. He simply doesn’t believe in miracles. Helen, wearing a shirt that says “Peace, Karma, Joy, Tranquility” while wearing BLACK nail polish lights his life up telling him miracles are real. At that moment, it appears John’s a lot happier with things. Just like he was a changed man after seeing Smokie on the island, possibly the same day of the alternate timeline.

    Dammit, what I’m saying is that Smokie appeared to John as Helen. Helen is what John described to Jack as “beautiful”. John was a man of faith after the encounter with smokie, and it’s because he saw Helen.

  44. Now that…is beautiful…

    Its the time for stretches…I love that idea…and I dont see why that wouldnt be exactly what he saw if this plays out in this manner…

    What else I found and related to the possibility of Helen being so important is that in the same episode, MIB talks about when he was a man, and lost someone he cared about. It made me think that Johns happy ending will not be so happy off island…maybe foreshadowing, given the information we know about Helen in the other timeline.

    There is a little John Locke in there trying to come out…dont tell him what he cant do.

    Chief, I love this thought…I think that John may have been given a glimpse into the impossible…and now he is living it.

    I think about The monster appearing in front of Eko and Ben, showing them their brother and daughter…their constants. That which is most important to them.
    I think about him trying to use them against them…Eko denying the opportunity…Ben obliging.

    I think about MIB saying that Jacob approached them in their most vulnerable situation…and made choices for them…and I call his bluff…

    I think Jacob opened a door, and people made the choice of walking through it.

    MIB on the other hand force feeds people lies with manipulation and disguise.

    I have to wonder if this is MIBs way of winning…in this parallel timeline we see…but I do not think it is correct.

    I think Jacob is playing a better game.

    Great thoughts on this Chief…a truly inspiring idea…Helen….wow…

  45. You’re definitely right about a little of John’s personality coming out of MIB right now. It’s safe to say that I’m thouroughly confused with that. But to think that Helen was who MIB was referring to is another possibility that didn’t even cross my mind.

    He goes from tellin Sawyer that “Of Mice and Men” is way after his time, immediately to telling him how human he is/was……it’s mind boggling.

  46. Just to be honest…what happened tonight with Jack and his son is not at ALL what I thought.

    I pictured more of a baby/toddler. And judging by the boys mothers house, which has stairs, Jacks babys momma is not in a wheelchair…completely taking away my idea that it is still Sarah this time around.

    That wasnt really the focal point of the post, but wanted to clear up something I see incorrect after the recent episode.

  47. Really good theory, i love that Locke and probably all the losties are experiencing what they wouldve in both parallels.

    Your theory made me look into it a bit more and (apologies if this has already been said as i havent read all the comments) looking at the episode guide for season 1 and for season 6 they seem, at least so far to be exactly parallel. What i mean by that is after the pilots part one and two in season 1 , the next 3 episodes focus on kate then locke then jack.
    Which is exactly the same order as we’ve seen so far in season 6! furthermore the next episode from season 1 is called ‘house of the rising sun’, which is a Sun orientated ep, the next episode in season 6 is called ‘Sundown’, which sounds a lot like a sun ep as well!

    Whats interesting though is that because there are 6 less episodes in season 6 then 1 it cant be exactly parallel. But i must say im so glad that it does seem to be coming together and tying into the 1st season because i was starting to lose hope and i had no idea where the hell this story was going!!!!

  48. Another point which confirms this theory- if you watch tabula rasa in the first season youll remember the cop ‘escorting’ kate is injured and is flicking between consciousness, saying things like ‘ive gotta catch her shes dangerous’, in the parallel 6th season this is about the time kate is escaping and its very likely he wouldve been saying that in this ‘universe’ as well, so is it possible that hes flicking between both universes??

  49. I agree that the island isn’t real. It is manifested in their minds and are making it seem real. I have said that LOST is similar to the movie “Jacob’s Ladder” where the lead character is “imagining” his life (past, present, and future) while he is in the process of dying. To him it seems real.

  50. AES, thanks alot for your comments and answers. It’s alot clearer for me now. It makes so much sense that John Locke was always the one who had a bit of the enlightenment that the Island is not JUST an island.

    That line (“You’re not supposed to..”) John’s entire attitude of faith wasn’t just to show he is a man of faith. It was always to show he is the closest to understanding, as you said.

    Again, brilliant post. Not only because of the post itself, but in particular because of this whole new discussion you ignited!

  51. So, “let me explain…no, there is no time, let me sum up…”

    The island doesn’t really heal. John is “healed” by Jack in the alternate reality and Rose somehow finds a cancer cure (through Hurley’s money, maybe) and then these personalities somehow end up merged with the ones we thought we knew in the pilot episode…this explains how Jack could get sick (appendix) and Ben gets a tumor. Just a thought….I like the whole “it’s just an island” that Flocke was preaching. Probably as useless as a Plushenko platinum medal. Otherwise, yeah, I am LOST.

  52. I finally got a chance to reread this and it was better the second time around. I like your analyses of things and I agree with the idea of the Losties consciousness ‘bonding’.

    I do disagree with you on the off Island reality not being real. I think both are real but have been linked. My disagreement stems more from the fact that I’ve read and watched a lot of scifi over the years and have no problems accepting a real alt reality. And I don’t mean to imply that you don’t understand alt realities, actually you have a good grasp. Anyways, I think your theory is much more interesting if both realities are real. You’ve done a great job over these several seasons of trying to make sense of Lost. But then again this is a Cakewalk compared to understanding Illuminatus!

  53. AES, I know I’m late on the follow up here… but still, thank you for the kind words and request. That’s also some serious pressure! 🙂

    There are a few things keeping me awake at night, I’m slightly joking and slightly serious, so we’ll just have to what becomes of that. 😉

  54. As Hurley would say, Dude, I like your style and ambition. And I agree with 98% of your theory. BUT, to play devils advocate, is timing everything here? ie do things have to happen at the same time in each parallel timeline? For example, yes kate and ethan help with claires baby. Yes locke falls to the ground saying Helen.

    But whats up with jack’s appendix. Latets episode suggests removed when he was a kid, but in parrallel “island” timeline, we know it was as an adult.

    Or does the fact jack can change the succession of events make him “The Chosen One” and he can be the Last Man standing after whatever apocalyptic event has led for humas to time travel. he is John Connor!!! ok ill chill out now.

  55. Whattime is it…I tend to avoid the episode titles if possible, but I have come to accept them popping up a week early in the final season.

    Good connection with Sun…makes you wonder what becam of her and her former lover in this reality…good thoughts…

  56. biddy, I actually think the island IS real…and it is effecting their conscious due to the islands properties, the flshes, and how close in proximity they are/get to the ‘core’ of the energy pocket…

    Stone, no problem, and thanks again for the input…

    Kitty…I definitely believe that it is NOT just an island. it can heal…and it is a place where miracles happen…its just not simple, its a complicated process…

    But they just dont happen, you have to make them happen. It presents opportunity and influence…its your choice as to whether you decide to use it or not.

    Great thoughts. I agree to a point, but think that its magic that you have to make happen…

  57. Achalli…I think my full definition of ‘real’ is misconstued slightly due to my lack of full explanation.

    Its not that I think its all in their head…not to say it isnt…

    But I think in the likely event that they are truly there in a physical manner, it still leaves the question of WHICH timeline/reality that we witness is real and which is not?
    Are they both real…in a way yes.

    But think about it this way…if Jack got his appendix out when he was 7 in one, and when he was 35 in another…when did Jack get his appendix out?…the answer will most likely be decided when we learn what Jack is figuring out looking out at the ocean for a while…

    The reconnecting/merging of consciousness will be pivotal in another way of the characters making a choice towards deciding their destinies. One of the ‘realities’ will be at the very least buried in their subconscious. We may have an on island Lostie that remembers everything, but there still has to be consequences to making a choice whether his appendix was removed at theh age of seven or the age of 35…and even larger consequences to whether he REALly had a child or not…

    I get what you are saying about them being real, but I think in the long run it is a way for their conscious to acquire knowledge and gain perspective on everything that is and was “themselves”…in another life…

    Good thoughts, you make me rethink my perspective. But I still think one way or another it will prove although important and necessary…to be more wishful thinking and ruse by Nemesis in some manner…

  58. Flakeyd…thank you so much for your kind words…I got the message that you had posted a comment, but I just saw it now…
    regardless, thanks again so much, and I am very happy you decided to join us in conversation!
    I hope to hear your thoughts more here, I hope I can help undestand what is going on, or at least entertain at the very least if I turn out completely incorrect, lol…

    Putmeon…I think Jacob and MIB are involved due to Jacobs need for these particular people to be on the island. We still have a lot more to learn on these Losties “backstories” in the new timeline.
    I think what we learn is going to play into why some of the characters have very different personalities on the island in earlier seasons compared to their perspectives off the island… and also why they say and act in strange ways after almost any kind of on island traumatizing situations.

    Im always game for constructive criticizm…thanks for your feedback and honesty.
    I see your disbelief, but I think that more clues will show their heads and more connections will be uncovered before a full blown conscious connection.

  59. Kim…no pressure at all…your analysis will be great Im sure…in fact, I see I have missed it and will get to it and a few others a little later…
    btw…the later you are up, the more unhinged your own conscious will become from thinking straight, then it will make theorizing this show less ridiculous…

  60. AES, I understand what you are saying. We’re just taking different approaches.

    As to the question of which timeline is real, or which timeline wins out in a merge (assuming there is a merge) I think we have already been given a huge but overlooked clue; a clue that was over looked because it is simple and out in plain sight. And we see it each week. I believe that if the timelines merge and become one, then it will be the off island timeline that wins out. And the clue for this, the fact that they moved the show to Tuesday night. What better way to indicate an alternate timeline and which one will win out?

  61. nachochris…thanks for the kind wors…and I dont think it will happen exactly the way it does in terms of timeline.

    You figure that 3/4 of the character we have been casually introduced to will be nonexistant in terms of storyline, so we will have a lot of condensed story to play from.

    We will see focus on the remaining people with the others who are all but gone except for the other timeline off island.

    There is a lot of island backstory to tell as well, so I think the more important parts of the Losties lives will play through, connecting in both timelines very quickly to get them back to the island with hightened awareness.

  62. A.E.S.,

    Love your post! You obviously pay close attention to each episode, so I have a question for you–the answer to which may or may not help your theory. Besides the three years that the Losties spent in 1977 Dharmaville and the time flash into 1954, do we ever know for sure what year it is on the island? It is not anchored in time, right? Maybe when they crashed in 2004, it was not 2004 island time. Maybe it was a year or few later, during which time Locke (and maybe Rose) were healed on the main land and their bodies adusted for the leap forward in time somehow? And maybe that is also why they have to come back to the island in 2007–because they really were on the island in 2007– ITS time? Let me know what you think. You seem very perceptive and your thoughts would be much appreciated.

  63. Thanks Odette!!!

    I pay a lot of attention…I keep saying Im going to stop theorizing and just enjoy the show…but its just so hard. And as long as Im doing it, I have to do it right. So I usually end up watching the first time, missing half of the fun stuff looking in the background of every scene…then I go through and TRY to just enjoy…not really intentional, force of habit over the years, lol…

    Thats a pretty creative thought on the ‘time’ of the island. Early on I kind of thought of something similar…then discovered more precise dates given on the actual episodes and by the producers…your way of describing it is very similar to my early thought that I let go…just described in a way that makes way more sense.

    It could easily make some stupid but simple sense of why Richard Alpert, seemingly doesnt age…what if he became anchored with the island as well.

    I have to think about this…good thoughts and great question. If you can think of anything to add to your idea, I say post it here…or run with it in your own theory.

    I am more than willing to discuss it further here, or I really think it is a unique thought and idea alone as well…great thoughts Odette!

  64. Another reason why the FSW is parallel with the old 2004 timeline, and not the 2007 timeline…meaning…if they die in 2004 FSW…they go to *2004* on island.

    NOW…if they die in the 2007 on island, I think they go to the 2004 FSW…this seems nuts, but heres why…

    Sun got shot and remembers John Locke off island in the FSW, screaming “Its HIM” when being carted into the hospital…I have a feeling that something happens to Sun very soon in the on island story that leads to her possibly dying. Why does she remember Locke?

    She experienced the same thing Charlie did…she almost died, and when coming to, she remembered things from the island…heres the thing though…

    How does Charlie remember the island…he is dead?
    How does he remember Claire and Love…
    Just as I say that John remembers Helen in this theory on island, I think Charlie remembers Claire the same way…by conscious flashing to the PARALLEL timeline…2004.

    Im not entirely sure, but I still think they could end up in 2004 on island somehow as their former selves…that would be interesting…

    And yes, I know most people hate that idea…
    But I need a pretty good explanation for Charlie’s ‘near death’ to not believe that….

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