I miss Desmond…


This is my prediction on Desmond, based off of the preview scenes after the Substitute.  So even though pretty much none of my theories have ever been right if you don’t want to have it spoiled then dont’ read it.  But like I said I have no proof this is just a theory brotha.

In the preview scenes after the Substitute, I hear someone who sounds like Jacob saying “someone’s coming to the island”.  The title of the next episode is Lighthouse, which are used to bring ships into harbors.  Desmond came on a ship, if/when/hopefully when Desmond returns to the island he will probably take his boat.  Also, on Wikipedia it says the episode will center around Jack, and since Jack is the only real Lostie left who had a relationship with Desmond I’m hoping we might see Desmond coming back in this episode brotha.

Again I haven’t been right on anything so far, sorry if this comes off as a spoiler I did not intend it to be.

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5 thoughts on “I miss Desmond…

  1. I think we will be seeing Des soon, brutha – and I think he will have a pivotal role in how it all plays out. Desmond’s conscious flashes are bound to be useful – and, afterall, “the island isn’t done with him yet.” Betting Jack is the beacon of light to guide those on the island. And maybe one off island too…

  2. I disagree I think that desmond has a massive role in the plot of this story. I would bet he is a candidate. There are more than just the six cadidates they showed us. On the wheel they showed us kate austin’s name and Dogen’s old home in the mirror. I bet the mirror is the way that jacob can travel off the island through the mirror to visit candidates but only to the locations that exist in the mirror. That is why we saw the church where he touched sawyer

  3. I think we all agree that Desmond will be a major part of the story, that’s what the post was about. Also, I thought that the image in the mirror looked more like the place where Sun and Jin got married, we have never seen where Dogen lives.

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