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I was day dreaming again today at work and came up with the idea that if the MIB can shape shift why can’t Jacob?  But instead of turning into a giant pillar of smoke he can turn into animals on the island.  Some of these examples are pretty decent, but others are just way out there, let me know what you think:

– The bird that Hurley has seen on the island that keeps calling his name (side note, LOSTpedia said that Aboriginal mythology said a bird named Altijira was the central god of Dream time – Altijira – Ajira Airlines)

– The black horse that Kate saw, just because it is black doesn’t mean it has to be created by the smoke monster/MIB.  She also saw it off island and it could be Jacob making sure that Kate escapes to Australia.

– When jack wakes up in the jungle the first thing he sees is Vincent, I know some of us thought that Jacob was Vincent in the first place, but now that we know MIB can take the form of people it doesn’t seem so far fetched.

– The boar that keeps bugging Sawyer.  Sawyer chases it out into the jungle, then hears the whispers of what the man he killed said.  It could be Jacob’s way of having Sawyer face his past and redeem himself for killing.

Now that I think about it, maybe he is not shape shifting, but just communicating with the Losties through animals, like how the moth helped Charlie, figuratively and literally emerge from his cacoon/cave.

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6 thoughts on “Jacob shapeshifting

  1. I really like this theory… fits with MIB saying he’s been pushing them along the way. However I dont think this is the only way Jacob can appear as we have seen what I believe to be young Jacob. Nice thinking though.

  2. Interesting, and definitely true. Animals have played a part in Lost. The noisy frog Sawyer wanted to kill, the birds Walt somehow seems to kill by crashing them against the window with his mind (at least thats what I took from it), the flock of birds Claire tries to catch and tag, the spiders that killed the expose couple, not to mention all the animal testing. MAYBE THATS WHY THERE WAS THE ANIMAL TESTING ON HYDRA ISLAND?

    You could have some fun with this theory :o)

  3. Grego: Very good thoughts… I always thought when the polar bear took Eko into the cave, it wasn’t trying to hurt him or kill him, but it was actually trying to save him… This was a thought of mine that really seemed ridiculous at the time. But, maybe it wasn’t that far from the truth!

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