Who is Annie?

I’ve been thinking this for a long time, and sorry if someone already posted this, but I think Ben’s childhood friend on the island Annie is Kate.  Here are my reasons:

– Kate’s middle name is Anne, and she uses the name Annie as her first Alias in Australia.

– Ben and Annie had a firendship similar to the one Roger and Kate had, right before Roger found out about Kate.

– They both have freckles.

– Kate’s mom died of cancer and in the hospital she was bed ridden and her hair was falling out, this is similar to how Mile’s mom died.  Both Mile’s mom and Kate’s mom died around the same time, probably due to radiation and not having the healing protection of the island.

What does anyone else think?

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10 thoughts on “Who is Annie?

  1. do we ever see Ben & Kate recognize eachother?

    When I first read your post I thought “freckles, who cares?” but we know they make a big deal about the freckles, since that’s what Sawyer calls Kate…

  2. It seems like Ben’s might have had some memory loss when he was turned into an Other, similar to how he may or may not remember Sayid. I still don’t get how they will show him assimilating into normal life as an European History teacher in the flash sideways.

    As far as I know they haven’t had a moment, maybe they need to have a moment like Kate finds the doll, something to bring her back and remember Ben, or vice versa. If they are gonna show Kate as Annie, i think it would be a pivotal part in the show and i think they would want to focus on it.

  3. Good question Grego…my crazy answer for the year…


    I wrote a little about this in my “An Occurrence…” post above this one…

    I said for about 2 years until we saw “Katie” off island…I had to drop it after that…

    Again, good question that HAS to have some significance…

  4. Ive often wondered as well, she seemed to be really important to Ben, possibly the only person other than Jacob he has cared about? Yet they never confirmed what happened to her, they led us to believe she was in the purge but then again someone so significant in another characters life im sure they would give some closure to, like Helen/Kates mum/Charlies brother, yet with Annie they didnt. Its funny she doesnt pop up when the losties went back to 1977 either. So you could be onto something, however is Ben and Kate the same age?

  5. correction to above: Helen would have been 47 at the time of the 815 plane crash and she died in 2006 of a brain aneurysm. Also – Annie is going to be important as Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have described Annie and Alexandra as the two most significant women in Ben’s life. Annie is described as a character that is going to play a “huge part” in upcoming storylines: “Annie is going to prove to be very significant in Ben’s life,” and that even the island’s volcano will be “slightly less important than Annie, but still seismic.

  6. I like the theory that Diane Jansen (Kate’s Mom) is Annie, that would be very interesting – but the age doesn’t fit. Kate’s mom was married to Sam when she conceived Kate with Wayne – assuming that Annie and Ben are about the same age, that would mean Diane (if she was Annie) would have been a 13 year old bride and mother – doesn’t work as much as I would like it to.

  7. Have reached the first Annie episode, The Man Behind The Curtain, and I think there is something in it but am also confused about the timeline but could Annie/Kate have moved forwards in time when escaping the island? Whats with her ‘always running from something?’ – and could her parents divorce have happened at the time she left the island? Maybe I’m trying to fit it together too much here…

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