I don’t believe that John Locke is dead. I watched him buried, I saw ben kill him but I heard his battle cry of don’t tell me what I can’t do him when Flocke shouted at that strange kid. 

We know from what he said to Ben about Lockes last thought that smokies been inhabiting John Locke for a while. After he said what he said to that kid i wonder if John Locke is now inhabiting smokie, still fighting the good fight. After all if there was one thing John was good at it was never letting go. 

I have a seperate but related theory about John Locke returning that I’m hoping the good people of this site can help me with. 

Nikki and Paulo were buried alive after being paralyzed by spiders. Did you notice the spider that crawled of dead Lockes head. Then their was the time in the last series when Sayid was being chased/shot at by guys with poison darts. 

After all John Locke has always had a messiah complex. No self respecting messiah is complete without a ressurection.   

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6 thoughts on “Ressurection.

  1. i saw the spider. i don’t think hes simply paralyzed though. i do believe the body of his that they didn’t fully bury will come back to life this week or next.

  2. Hey ekolocation i agree it’s likely that he’s not just paralyzed. I just got the feeling when Flocke scratched Lockes name and number out that he had just been conned. I think vincents going to dig Locke up.

  3. Ummm John’s body was prepared at the funeral home… So since he wasn’t Jewish I’m assuming his bodily fluids were drained, so he’s DEFINITELY dead… (IMO) I do hope that the real John Locke (ghost) appears 2 Hurley thought that would be AWESOME..

  4. Maybe the spider is a hint to the fact that Locke’s not ‘dead’. There is always the possibility that whoever was preparing Locke for his funeral was actually involved in keeping him a state of sustained paralysis. Maybe the ‘Medusa Spider’ venom is somehow a ‘loop hole’ itself. I assume the spider is fictional and exists on the island?

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