Kate, Aaron, Baby Kwon

1.  Why, if all the Oceanic 6 had to return to the island for *it* to work, why didn’t Aaron & Sun’s baby have to return?  Why weren’t they the Oceanic 7 or 8?  Why didn’t those kids count?  Especially Aaron, since he was born before they were rescued?

2.  What if Kate’s role is important the way Mary, Jesus’ mother was important?  I.e. her role was to raise the saviour?  What if Aaron is Jacob’s son?

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2 thoughts on “Kate, Aaron, Baby Kwon

  1. What are you saying about Clare, there?

    Been wonderin’ about that myself.
    1) Writers don’t think kids exist until they have some form of consciousness, age 7ish.
    2) They were *supposed* to come back, but Sun/Kate had other plans (and ‘god help us all!)
    3) They have a purpose – but it’s off-island or not-yet-on island and being kept safely tucked away/hidden from MIB until later (ex. they as the Littleton/Kwon candidates)

    IF Aaron is Jacob(or..)I think it’s more likely someone slipped into Aaron while he wasn’t moving after the crash … and those shots were to protect him/her from being infected.

  2. some good thoughts, but (and correct me if i’m wrong) i thought that Aaron was counted as one of the oceanic 6… jack, hurley, sayid, sun, kate, and aaron… am i forgetting someone?

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