Lost = A Chess Match?

Can anyone help me liken Lost to a game of chess?  What if MIB is the black King, limited in movements the way the King is in chess, small moves, game over when the King is captured.  Maybe he wants to get out of the game & leave the island?  Kate could be one of the Queens, free to move anywhere – on or off the island, get it?  All the minor characters who keep dying are the pawns… remember the black horse that saved Kate in a flashback – the black knight….  Does this work for anyone?

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2 thoughts on “Lost = A Chess Match?

  1. i myself hsve thought something similar to this and im quite sure that it has been discussed a while back on here.

    Maybe Nemesis thinks that he ‘checkmated’ Jacob when he killed him but obviously he didn’t take into consideration that Hurley could communicate with the dead.

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