nemisis locked as Locke, ashes and claimed.

is Nemisis stuck now in the form of John Locke because that was the physical form he was in when Jacob died? Jacob seemed to hold some kind of power or spell over him. Much in the same way the ashes do. I wonder if the ashes are those of former island protectors, they clearly present some kind of resistance. I wonder who was in the cabin that it was surrounded by ashes to keep him out. It clearly becomes disturbed and he gets access to it. I do believe him when he says he used to be a man. I think something happened to make him the way he is. I think to achieve him going home he has to achieve a physical human form. I like this idea of people becoming infected and becoming claimed. We can surmise it happens at a time when u die or come close to death, like something has seeped into your soul and turns to darkness. I think Nemisis is the spirit of darkness and wants to spread to all people and bring about the end of civilisation and humanity. I think it was Jacobs role to make sure this never happened. I also think its interesting that Sayid can only be cured if he willing takes the pill. This illustrtates how free will and faith kills the darkness. The real John Locke is in some regards Nemisis’s biggest nightmare; he was a man of pure faith who died because he believed the island was special and needed protecting. The fact that nemisis is stuck in the body of Locke, and that we have a parallel timeline in which Locke exists, means that if a bridge occurs and the two merge back then Lockes natural faith and goodness might ‘lock’ Nemisis within John forever. Like a prisoner. I defintively believe that all the candidates will play a role in the downfall of Nemisis, and that the two timelines will be bridged and that Desmond, Farady and Christian will play a part in this.

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  1. I agree with most of your points, but wouldn’t go as far as to say “he died because he believed the island was special”. If Ben hadn’t come to his hotel room at the exact moment he did, Locke would’ve killed himself in despair–hardly a heroic event.

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