Alt-timeline…different because Jacob is dead?

Written 25th February

How about this:  The only people (as far as I can remember) who don’t seem to age are Richard & Jacob.  What if the reason they don’t seem to age is because they’ve mastered time travel, so they can jump around at will.  What if Jacob is killed by Ben in 2007 as we’ve seen,  *before* he had a chance to travel back in time to touch the Losties (because in the original timeline he leaves 2009 (for argument’s sake)to go back & make contact, but now he’s dead in 2009 & can’t go back) , so they weren’t directed to the island in the new 2007?  That could explain why Ben is off the island, because he was never directed there by Jacob either.

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4 thoughts on “Alt-timeline…different because Jacob is dead?

  1. What I’m saying is that if Jacob leaves *our* future (2009 is arbitrary, could be 2020, I just mean *after* 2007), to time travel *back* to contact all of the Losties, he can’t do that anymore, i.e. leave the future, if he is killed by Ben in 2007. Get it?
    I was also thinking, what if Jacob’s contact with the Losties is the beginning of their *bad* lives (touches Kate before she murders someone, touches Sawyer before he writes the letter, Gin & Sun before their marriage goes bad, etc.) then what we could be seeing in the alt-timeline is how nice their lives could have been if it weren’t for Jacob (again, because he’s killed by Ben).

  2. Angela, although I think it’s a nice idea that he was the cause for everything bad that happened in their lives, I have to disagree with you.

    Although he approached the aforementioned people and bad things happened in their lives, could it not be the opposite? Take Jin and Sun for example. Before the plane flight to LA X they were nearing the collapse of their marriage. Sun chose to go with Jin as one last chance to make things right with the hope that they would stay together. However, Jacob came to them at their wedding to tell them that their love was a special thing which in actuality, blossomed on the Island. It forced them each to focus on each other and approach each of their personal problems head on i.e Sun speaking english without Jin knowing.

    Also as a final point, Jacob touched Jack’s life after the operation Christian had to step in to rectify. If we went with the whole ‘Jacob see’s you and influences you to ruin your life’ scenario then he would’ve surely approached Jack as a child before the deterioration of his relationship with Christian.

    Hope I’m making sense!

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