Juliet Pregnant??

Written 25th February

I was just thinking now seeing that Jack has a son (with striking blue eyes like Juliet’s) all of a sudden…I find it ironic that in the last episode of season 5 Juliet kept on rubbing her belly like a pregnant woman does. And I think that what she really wanted to tell Sawyer when she was dying was that she was carrying his child. But then she got delisional and started talking about going “dutch”. I don’t know how this is relevant to Jack having a son that is likely Juliet’s but I just found this interesting!! Any thoughts? Either that or it is Juliet’s sister’s child that Juliet helped her conceive!!

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5 thoughts on “Juliet Pregnant??

  1. Maybe thats what she meant by “it worked”. She was working with the others trying to figure out why the conceiving mothers were all dying.Maybe they were working on getting her pregnant while in 1977 and thats what she meant that she was pregnant.

  2. And I’m thinking the baby is Jacob…maybe!! He does has blonde hair and blue eyes just like Juliet & Sawyer..but I also think Jacob might be Aaron! lol. Who knows!!

  3. Big reincarnation supporter here…

    You know who else had David’s combo of blue eyes and brown hair? Boone.

    I just watched White Rabbit, S1E4 or 5, last night and Boone sure does holds some grudges, albeit temporarily, against Jack. Much like a son would against his father. For example, Boone questioning Jack saving him, “I could’ve made it!”

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