Its not always Black and White

Written 22nd February

Many of you will have seen that in the trailer for season 6 ‘Locke’ has one Black eye and one White eye. I’v been pondering over this thinking what could it mean? Im sticking with the most obvious reason and that is Jacobs ‘spirit’ somehow integrates with Flocke and they become one entity. The good and the bad in one body.

This will be where the ‘war’ takes place. A battle of the minds. Whereas MIB just wants freedom and to escape Jacob lives for a higher cause. When Jacob let Ben kill him (Yes I did say LET) I think he already knew this would happen.

While in this form I think MIB will try everything to take control however I think control will flitter back and forth from one to the other. Or maybe even both at the same time. In this time Jacob will be recruiting the ‘Candidates’ when he has control and rallying them together. Then he will choose the candidate before commiting a selfless act of suicide killing both him and MIB together.

What made me think about this apart from the image of the white and black eyes were things being said to Locke throughout the show by people like Jacob, Widmore, Ben and Richard. The main one of these was when Widmore speaks to Locke while he is in hospital after leaving the island he says “Because theres a war coming John, and if your not back on the island when that happens, the wrong side is going to win!” I think by this statment Widmore could have been relating to that if John wasn’t there then MIB would find someone else and Jacob wouldn’t be able to stop it. I understand that it is not actually Lockes body but something to do with Locke had to be involved for him to look the way he does. I know its a long shot but what do you all think?

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5 thoughts on “Its not always Black and White

  1. The eyes – 2 Lockes – one dark, one light? Alt Locke comes to the island to represent the light?

    Great Widmore quote – yet another that at this stage infers that Locke has to come back for “good” to prevail.

  2. I had this exact thought this morning. Perhaps the good/evil is the potential that exists in every one of us. It’s up to the individual to choose good or evil. And yes, maybe Jacob and MIB are two sides of the same coin. They aren’t real people in any sense of the word, they’re just personifications of the good and bad in each of us. I just hope that the good side triumphs.

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