The dreadful alien theory is slowly coming into place

Written 23rd February

This whole idea of aliens being a part of lost never presented itself to me until the episode LAX. Early in this episode check the scene of Jack and Rose chatting on the plane on the back of the magazine Rose is reading there is a flying saucer with the words “The answers are out there”. This alone scared me and started me down this dreadful thought of what is to come.

First the whole canidate thing reminded me of a miniseries stephen spielberg did a few years back called Taken. In this aliens where coming to earth for many years manipulating people to set them up with each other to create a child that would be the savior of both the aliens and us. Im starting to think that with the infertility problems on the island and the lists being made this is exactly what is going on. Jacob and the others are trying to bring people together to make a child that is either some kind of hybrid or one who can handle their biology or whatever. This is making to much sense to me in regards of some of the advanced things going on in this island with technology and what not.

I believe these are some sort of lost aliens who have lost there way or unable to return to where they want to. I know there is more going on than just the alien aspect but i believe this is where we are headed as to a final answer on Jacob and Maybe MIB. If your like me this is the last thing i want lost to be about but it looks like its coming true.

PS. In a recent interview the actor who plays Dogen refers the people who come to the island  (O6) that the others see these visitors of “aliens” and this is why they are treated the way the are. I think this was a slip on his part but this quote got me thinking of this again and i really havent been able to think about anything else regarding the end of lost since.

Sorry AES and Sawyergirl I know you are as upset as me as this maybe being the end of lost, lets keep our fingers crossed it isnt.

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9 thoughts on “The dreadful alien theory is slowly coming into place

  1. Ben does look a bit like an evil ET! Dude, people even call human beings aliens, especially in govt organisations, so he may have been using some of this terminology being a foreigner in the States. But hell that would be a crazy theory!!! and JJ Abrahams does love his SCi-Fi flicks eg star trek. Lets see.

  2. the ad on the back of the totally fictional ‘weekly woodsman’ Rose was reading was a shout out in two parts. The first part being that it appeared in an episode of ‘Supernatural’ (where jacob aka mark pelligrino plays the devil, in a sympathetic manner might I add) and the truth is out there, slogan is a shout out to the director Kim Manners who is reknowned sci-fi tv director who directed Supernatural and duh, X-flies.I can say for sure, 100% that the island is not a spaceship and there are no ailens on Lost. So just hold tight for a few more episodes and I think things will start to click, it always takes about 7-9 episodes in each season for the story telling device to kick in and give us ah ha moments.

  3. CocoaDoll’s reassurance has saved me having a heart attack. So kudos CocoaDoll.

    But with regards to this theory, as solid as it is (although God help the writers if it is bloody aliens!) the only thing that doesn’t fit for me is the fertility part. Horace and Amy conceived Ethan Rom afterall and despite him being a creepy S.O.B he was born on the Island healthily (kudos to Juliette on that part).

  4. Cocoa, the Island is a ship, not necessarily a space ship, but ship non the less. This will be a reveal during I think when they focus on the black rock.

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