The Island Gives You Want You Want

Written 23rd February

Notwithstanding all the wonderful hypothesis and conjectures we have written and read, isn’t it the ultimate pleasure to NOT know.  I don’t want to guess it.  I don’t want to know it.  Not yet.  I want it to be a complete surprise. 


We can assume and speculate about so many things.  Jacob, MIB, Smokie, time travel, parallel universes, the numbers, pushing the button, flashbacks, flash forwards, side flashes, The Dharma Initiative, electromagnetic fields, ancient Egyptian mythology, the Others, the new Others, Ben and Whitmore, Locke, Sawyer, Kate, Sayid, Hurley, Sun, Jin, Sheppard, Rose and Bernard, Charlie, Claire, Rousseau, Christian, Aaron, the Incident, the colours black and white, Jug Head, slave ships, being claimed, being a candidate, ghosts, variables and constants, Desmond, Penny, whatever happened, happened, Farraday, Eloise, polar bears, black ash ring, destiny and free will. 


The island gives me what I want. And I want to be entertained and thrilled.  I’m on the edge of my seat week after week.  And every week these writers surprise and thrill me with new twists and turns.  We cannot possibly surmise the end as every week we learn something new. 


So folks, sit back and relax.  Buckle your seatbelts and enjoy the ride.  The Island will give us all that we want.

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