Jacob Wanted to Die

Written 23rd February

Is it just me, or do others think that Jacob was way too casual when he saw Flocke stroll in, and instantly recognized him for who he was.  Now I know we’ve never seen Jacob display much emotion anyway–probably more of a clue than we may realize–but I thought this was especially enlightening.  For while he saw that Flocke had found his “loophole”, I think Jacob knew this was coming all along.

Pardon a bit of a genre-leap, but did Jacob easily–and seemingly willingly–dying remind anyone of when Aslan the lion was killed in ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’?  Bear with me, but it struck me with several simliarites.  First and foremost, there was never a moment when it appeared more likely that evil had so thoroughly outsmarted and defeated good–there were no moral victories, it was clear, final and decisive.  For those allied with good, it was crushing.  Additionally, the fact that he put up no fight whatsoever when allowing himself to be killed, surprised everyone.  If you follow the logic further, no one knew except Aslan, that the ONLY way to save the people was to die–this “hidden rule” allowed him to sacrifice himself and let everyone think he had died; yet in reality, he had checkmated the power of evil.

Ok, Narnia references done (whew!).  In our LOST world, Jacob knew that the MIB was searching for a loophole, and probably deduced there was only a handful of ways to find it.  Consequently, he subtly encouraged him to pursue it (by the same manipulating way we has “encouraged” others)–MIB didn’t even know that as he got nearer to his ultimate goal, he was permanently checkmating himself.

I don’t yet know how exactly these “rules” will be played out (a la the end of Narnia), but I am confident that Jacob planned this from the start, and will be back.

Or course, I could be way off…we won’t have to wait long to find out. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Jacob Wanted to Die

  1. Yes, I agree completely – Jacob wanted to be killed.

    By allowing Smokie a loop hole, perhaps this has created a loophole for Jacob himself? a double con/double jeopardy or whatever the hell the phrase is? Now Jacob can accomplish his goal

  2. For all of us who want desperately for good to conquer evil in this series, I hope you’re right! The situation also reminds me of some religion, you know where someone sacrifices Himself for the greater good of mankind? Hmm…now where have I heard that before???

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