Kate’s Fate

Written 23rd February

This is a quick little insight into this week’s episode with some possible outcomes for episodes to come.

When Kate showed up on Jack and Hurley’s mission to head to the lighthouse, my initial reaction was, “Oh great – Kate’s going to somehow prevent Jack from getting to the lighthouse just like she botches up every other plan people have on this island.” I was pleasantly surprised when she decided her own little mission was more important. In fact, this one decision will seal her fate on this show…
We are all aware that infected Claire (shall we call her Flaire?? InfeClaire??) was not at all happy when Jin told her that Kate was raising Aaron – she said that if it were true.. she would kill Kate. My theory is that Kate will either head back to the temple where she will encounter Flocke and Flaire, or she will search out and find Flaire as they are headed to the temple. Either way… their encounter will result in Kate’s very timely demise. I’m not necessarily saying this to be cruel to Kate (regardless of that stubborn woman’s poor decision making skills) – it’s just that.. she’s not a candidate – and no doubt, her death will ignite the motivation that Jack needs to do what he needs to do.

Any thoughts?

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