the person coming to the island is……

this is a guess but i would be very surprised if the person who jacob says is ‘coming to the island’ isn’t desmond.he will still play a key role in whats goin on, i don’t think they can bring in a new character at this stage… i’m going for desmond on that one 🙂

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6 thoughts on “the person coming to the island is……

  1. Interesting on David… I don’t know if there’s a connection here but

    “One of the original DHARMA engineers who set up the jamming equipment was a musician.” – Through The Looking Glass Episode Part 1

    Could this musician very well be David or could it just have been somebody else in Dharma. I mean, even the name of the hatch itself is a good comparison to the ‘looking glass’ Jack smashes at the lighthouse. Hmm.. Could very well be David?

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