Christian and row 24

I posted a few times here last season but haven’t been keeping up with the current threads. I didn’t want to post anything in the theories section that has already been covered, so I was hoping someone could direct me to where these things are talked about. I assume that it’s the general consensus that whenever we have seen Christian alive on the island it was in fact Smokey. I guess I’m not sure what else there is to discuss about that but I am curious to read others thoughts about Christian. Also, I had been thinking for the last few seasons that the numbers were not really that important but rather just something they kept putting in episodes for people like us to overanalyze. Now that they do seem to be important, what do we make of the fact that Jack was sitting in row 24 in the flash-sideways flight 815 rather than in “his number” row 23 as in the original timeline? Also, has anyone brought up the idea that each character’s flash sideways are different from each other? Thanks for your help.

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3 thoughts on “Christian and row 24

  1. Well, I’m not too sure about Christian being Smokie quite yet. There’s a boy running around that can only be seen by a certain few as well. Since MIB was shocked to see the boy, we assume the boy isn’t smokie, therefore meaning Christain might not be either.

    About the numbers, I’m gettin tired of seeing them without having any knowledge as to what they mean. It’s getting a bit obnoxious actually. I wonder if these writers are intentionally pissing off their most hardcore fans, because all it’s going to take is a couple more episodes that raise more questions for a lot of people to really lose their minds here.

    I’m loving this show and this season (for the most part), don’t get me wrong, but there are WAY too many more questions added since LA X, than we were expecting to be seeing in this last season.

    I hope they can make sense of all this within the 11 remaining episodes. Otherwise, it’ll be the letdown of the decade.

  2. Yeah! Me and my wee brother were rewatching episode 1 and we noticed he’d changed rows. That’s clearly been done on purpose. There’s no need for numbers w/o an island, and so they’ve subtly disassociated the number 23 with jack

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