From trailer of episode 6 *minor, minor spoiler*

I just watched the trailer for episode 6 of season 6, and it looks as though Locke will meet up with Sayid, which will be an interesting conversation, and we will most likely/hopefully get some answers on what is going on with Sayid.

There are other things (spoilers) in the trailer too, but I didnt want to say too much and wreck someones pleasure of watching Lost.

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3 thoughts on “From trailer of episode 6 *minor, minor spoiler*

  1. Somewhere in these pages, someone mentioned that the episodes are following the same order in season 6 as they did in season 1 as far as the centric character goes. To date, that is accurate – first kate, then Locke, then Jack. In season one, the next episode (House of the Rising Sun) had Sun as the centric character – I can’t help but notice the title for the next season 6 episode is “Sundown”. I know the trailer makes it look as though Sayid will be the focus – but I wonder. The writer’s have said its called Sundown because when Flocke arrives at the temple he tells them all to leave before sundown. BUT one of the few images I can pick out of the trailer is a wide-eyed Sun looking scared.

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