Jack’s Son

Just a quick point to discuss, probably nothing though.
When Charlie has to play “Good Vibrations” in the Looking Glass he comments about the person who set it up as being a talented musician.
We also see that David Shephard has “gift” for the piano. Wondering if there could be a link.
Just an observation would be interested to see what you guys think.

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11 thoughts on “Jack’s Son

  1. We’ve seen all of the following characters playing the piano:

    Jack, Sun, Charlie, Ben, Daniel and David… Did I miss anyone? But, David did seem to be especially gifted… So, good thought!

  2. I have always been behind the idea of it being Charlie… Afterall, I think “We are the cause of our own suffering” seen in the room 23 video is quite telling… Meaning Charlie programmed the jammer which eventually caused his demise… Just as Hurley broadcasted the numbers that brought him to the island.

    But, I just can’t help but think that David being a Shephard, will be of some significant importance.

    ifoundmyloophole: Interesting take on David and the strings. I rather like that! And, if David ends up being as important as I think he will be, then you can’t get anymore symbolic than that!!!

  3. Eloise is a mystery… But, what I do think is that she firmly believes that a greater good will come out of it, and by choosing to sacrifice her son in the end she will be rewarded.

    In the words of Brother Campbell, “Perhaps you underestimate the value of sacrifice.”

  4. Elsewhere
    – Hurley broadcasted the numbers? I consider myself to be an adamant Lost fan, so I’m ashamed to say i do not remember that 🙁
    When did this happen?!

    Or are you just speculating?

    Pleeeeease say we’re speculating *crosses fingers*

  5. SawyersGirl45: Yes, it is speculation due to the whole “We are the cause of our own suffering” approach… But, if you have anyway of watching the episode “This Place is Death” again… Then I will point out a scene for you to watch and listen to again… It’s the scene where we first see Danielle and her team on the beach with Jin. They have a radio and you can clearly hear the broadcast of the numbers. MAN ON RECORDING: 8, 15, 16, 23, 42. 8, 15. And, if that’s not Hurley’s voice repeating those numbers, I’ll eat a bug. lol!

    Also, thought it is interesting to note that we only hear static in the place where the number 4 should be.

  6. Get your bug ready! haha

    Yepp il have to have a nose around for my DVD as my family has quite gladly STOLEN them off me!
    Hmm i never noticed the static.. Just checking up on who is what number and #4 was Locke.. so maybe its fuzzy because he’s dead/dies?

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