The White Flash

I think the white flash at the end of Season 5’s finale might have some significance to it. Unlike any other episode closings that fades to black, this is the only white close in the series. There may be more theories and reasons about the white flash, but I’m only going to talk about one theory. I’m sorry, but I’m going to talk about the Jughead again.

The scene where Juliet hits the bomb was the last scene we saw. But, was did this scene happen AFTER the death of Jacob? Or DURING the death of Jacob? I’m aware that both group of Losties are in different times, but what can make The Island change the most, a bomb or the man behind it all? I think we were tricked into thinking that the bomb-exploding scene happens sometime after the scene of Jacob’s death, when both scene could have happened at the same time.

What if the WHITE flash is due to the death of JACOB? If this is the case, we can say that the off-island events are not from the bomb incident, but Jacob’s death (or both, if you’re into that). So, was the bomb scene useless? No, it can mean something more, but I’m not delving further into it. Maybe the incident simply moved them to their proper time.

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I'm the dumbest guy in the world. I haven't watched Lost until the summer of 2009. I watched all four seasons within a few days, now I'm starting to again recently, in addition to season five! woot! :P

7 thoughts on “The White Flash

  1. one happened in 1977 and the other in 2007. I don’t get what you mean. Don’t be confused by the order in which lost shows the scenes. The white flash occurred 30 years before Jacob died.

  2. There is something to what cliff87 has hit upon:

    Miles tries very hard to explain to Hurley that time has the 1977 Losties synchronized to the 2007 Losties. In other words if Jin and Sun were to kill themselves in two different time frames but at the same age (if you can wrap your mind around that) they will have died in a synchronized way.

    In other words – If the dead Jin and Sun were carbon dated, regardless of what time frame they were in, they would both be dated to 2007. (this, of course is written by someone who has little understanding of carbon dating, but maybe you get the general idea).

    Does that make sense to any of you?

  3. Penelopedean, I guess that Cliff87 is referring to the time that has been spent in the 1974-1977 and 2004-2007 time lines, respectively. Then it is possible to compare points in time on the two time lines.

  4. penelopedean,

    what i’m assuming is that the events in 2007 and 1970 are happening “at the same time,” as in, what we’re seeing is happening at, let’s say, 5:30pm. At exactly 5:30pm, Jacob died and Juliet kept hitting the bomb. WE thought that the flash was the bomb, but what I think caused the white flash was due to Jacob changing everything.

  5. Andre7, I kind of don’t understand but it’s really interesting! It would be great if you can elaborate a little more (or even make it simpler for someone like me lol)

  6. In any case, I guess it is fair to assume that it can’t be a pure coincidence that the indicent and the killing of Jacob somehow seem to take place after the same amount of time in the 1974-1977 time line and the 2004-2007 time line.

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