What was Claire doing with fresh dynamite!

I posted this question a few days ago, but no one chimed in….I just haven’t heard anyone else mention this….I had just noticed that in Claire’s little shack (where she patched up Jin and axed the Other) there was a lot of “fresh” dynamite all over the place. Where did she get it? Perhaps from the Black Rock after it first arrived? Thoughts?

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12 thoughts on “What was Claire doing with fresh dynamite!

  1. If i had to venture a guess, I’d agree with you about the Black Rock. However, I doubt the question will ever be answered. My take on the TNT was that it served to show Claire has become just like Rosseau.

  2. I don’t know, I bet this gets answered. I doubt it’s just for background, I mean, it’s dynamite, kind of a rare item. There’s more than likely going to be a purpose for it. I’m guessing we’ll hear about it sometime soon.

  3. Hm, speaking of the flashes, I wonder if she was the victim of it. Did she flash with the other Losties too? Or did her infection prevented her from doing so?

  4. cliff87 has the best question here. did she flash through time? she didn’t talk about any flashes or a loud boom (h-bomb). she seems to have stayed constant in 2004-2007.

  5. Beware of assumptions.

    Because we see dynamite in the Black Rock does not mean the dynamite came to the island ON the Black Rock. Would Dynamite survive a full century in that heat in the cargo hold of a three masted schooner?

    The other instance in which we see dynamite used was when the drunk Horace is blowing up trees in “Lafleur”. There is enough Dharma construction going on all over in the 70s and 80s to justify a theory that some Dharma agent may have brought a case of the stuff to the ship.

    Perhaps Dharma decided to blow the ship and Smokey aka MIB intervened, killing the workers before they could do the deed. Perhaps Rousseau found some leftover dynamite at one of the Dharma sites in 1988 and stashed the stuff at the black roch for later use.

    The question of where Claire got her dynamite is excellent though. I am guessing that Keamy and his team may have brought some explosives over from the Kahana before MIB took them out.

  6. Again. It would have to be from the Kahana freighter or flight 316, the only two arrivals that we know of between 2004 and 2007. Did Ilana’s group manage to smuggle EXPLOSIVES aboard the plane in addition to their weapons?

    I am seriously not going to fly that airline, EVER!

  7. I don’t believe Claire flashed b/c she was already ‘claimed’ she made her deal to save her Mom, and was an official OTHER. (I also believe she’s the resurrected dead..)

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