Ben is Judas?

I’ve been pondering over the last couple of days reading many of your superb theories and one that really sticks into my mind is the ones circulating around the idea of biblical references.

After ‘The Lighthouse’ I think many, if not all die-hard Lost fans, immediately made a connection between Jack’s son David to the Biblical King David. I have looked at it in more depth and I’m really starting to come round to the idea of the series holding serious religious meanings (no duh).

I see Ben’s attack on Jacob very much like the betrayal by Judas to Jesus. Jesus knew that Judas was going to betray him and let him do so without stopping or even allowing anyone else to stop him. I believe that Jacob has done the exact same with Ben. I think it’s pretty obvious that Jacob knew of the cycle of events that came to pass at the end of season 5 and allowed Ben the ultimate opportunity: Redemption.

I’ve always believed that Ben would have the chance to change and prove that he is genuinely good and great. In fact, thinking of it, when Richard took Ben to the temple to be healed would he have been ‘infected’ by Jacob the same way I presumed Sayid has been with MIB? In that case he would finally have his chance at forgiveness etc. that Richard said he would never get again: “He will never be the same.” So after everything that Ben has been put through, all the guilt he must be suffering as a result of everything he has done, he could change around everything. I think Ben will make the ultimate sacrifice in duty to the Island and to Jacob.

Anyway, discuss?

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9 thoughts on “Ben is Judas?

  1. Yea I think his motives have changed since his daughter was killed.It might not have been an instant transformation but he seems like he’s like he’s heading in the right direction.It stilll is’nt known if he had always been shot by Sayid. Maybe thats the way he was in the early shows because of the mystical waters.We just had not seen it yet because they had’nt shown us yet,but that could have always been his problem.If they are on some kind of time loop what happened always happened.

  2. coming from someone who over-spiritualizes almost every aspect of this show – i would agree with the statements about judas. even as i re-watched the substitute i thought to myself – ben is going to be a heroic figure in the end. or at least i want him to be. he is so awful a person that for him to be a hero in the end would be awesome.

    but like i said – i tend to put everything that i see into the context of “what biblical character or story is this?” and i try not to. but about david and the reference to king david? explain yourself. because i see no correlation other than david being good at a musical instrument.

    i would love to hear your thoughts on that one.

  3. In that promo poster no one is breaking bread. So no one stands out as Judas. But saying that, one photo would give nothing away, if it did it would say that Locke represents Jesus. Which wouldn’t be unbelievable (he will resseruct maybe?)


    Imust confess I was comparing the majority of them both between the name and the musical abilities. but if you need more comparisons:

    King David was a shepherd in his teen-years.

    I found the following statement interesting too. Look for the parts about ‘being fixed’.

    Even as the King of all of Jacob, David’s leadership style reflects an appropriate fear of God and a willingness to continue growing spiritually. When David falls into immoral behavior with Bathsheba, he does not allow his evaluated position of influence to interfere with hearing from God’s prophet. Growing leaders must be on guard to remain humble and sensitive to God’s Word. Positions of authority tend to affect people in different ways, but Towns suggests that growing leaders may mature and come to a position where they “believe they have arrived” (Towns, 2007. 96). David does not seem to experience this “above the law” leadership style. Instead, when the prophet confronts David with his sin with Bathsheba he is willing to continue growing in his sanctification (2 Sam 12). Psalm 51 reflects a man who is willing to examine himself and determine what need to be fixed. This willingness to subordinate himself before God and accept the rebuke of the prophet must have enabled the people to see David’s growth and maturity as a leader. The incident with Nabal and Abigail in 1 Samuel 25 is another great example of how David grew as a leader.

    Course it could all be rubbish but i think there are subtle similarities. We will have to wait and see how the rest of the story plays out.

  4. The story in the bible is only one view of Judas, being the most common one people run into. The Gnostic perspective has Jesus asking Judas to do what he did so Jesus can be released from the material world into the purely spiritual.
    I never connected Jacks son to King David until I read this post. I very much doubt that Lost will connect itself with any one religion.

  5. I agree with Roland. I doubt that Lost will entangle itself with major religions beyond the level of symbolism we’ve already been shown. After all it’s a Hollywood product for a worldwide TV audience.

  6. I’m not for an instant trying to say that Lost is connecting everything with Christianity. These are just little bits and pieces that I’ve noticed and made connections too myself. Everyone has a tendency to read to much into things and it’s just another ‘possible’ story angle.

    Thank you for the constructive criticism though, sincerley. And Roland, kudos for pointing out the Gnostic interpretation, but that wasn’t what I was using as my source.

  7. good thoughts.

    I agree Bens betrayal of Jacob was Judas-like, i never thought of that comparison, just like Jesus, Jacob knew this was what had to happen.
    I also agree that when people are dipped in the temple water, it might ‘claim’ them, and they become devoted to Jacobs cause, much the same way MIB ‘infects’ people. Again, its like two sides of the same coin.
    I do think Bens priorities changed when his daughter was killed, and this is something MIB has/is using to his advantage.
    Theres definitely ALOT of different religious/mythical references in the show, and the elements are so universal they’re relevant to almost all beliefs, very clever.

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