Stewardess in the Temple!!

Did anyone else notice that the stewardess that slipped Jack the extra liquor that said it was “their little secret” was on the island when we first saw Dogen & the other people of the Temple?? She was there for a split second behind Dogen when they almost killed the losties??

Thoughts as to why???? or any significance…

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3 thoughts on “Stewardess in the Temple!!

  1. Cindy had a line in the premiere as well. She stated that she was on 815 and told Dogon (sp?) that Hurley, Jack, etc came to the island on the same plane as her. She’s also popped up quite a bit throughout the entire series.

  2. Hey Jeff

    Cindy crashed with the “Tailies” (Ana Lucia, Libby, Mr. Eko etc.).

    When the “Tailies” ran into Michael, Jin and Sawyer from their raft they decided to join the camp on the other side of the beach.

    Whilst on their way there, they heard whispers, and Cindy vanished.

    We saw her again when Jack was trapped in the cage, telling Jack that they’re there “to watch”.

    And again when Locke joined The Others, when Ben told Locke that he must kill his father.

    I’m guessing she was either already an “Other” before the crash, or they made her realise that they were “the good guys” once they took her.

    Either way, she seems to be a part of “The Others” now, and she seems at peace with it.

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