Aaron is Jacob

In a recent episode, the MIB (as Locke) runs into a little blonde boy in the woods who says, “You know the rules, you can’t kill him.” I have no idea who or what he meant by that, but I’m pretty sure that the person Jacob discussed bringing to the island is Aaron. It’s been set up since the finale of season 5 that Jacob and that the MIB are the two ultimate powers on the island and they’re basically polar opposites from everything to their attitude on humanity to the color of the clothing choose to wear. It’s also been made abundantly clear that the MIB can appear to those on the island as people who have died. However, it seems that his current disguise as Locke is much more material than his other apparitions throughout the show.

I’m going to say then that instead of just being an illusion, he actually has fused with Locke, although it is evident that Locke may still exist within the MIB’s takeover. His response to the child in the forest was and emphatic, “Don’t tell me what I can’t do” after all. Anyway, in order for him to fuse with Locke and become an actual person, he needed to find his loophole that he and Jacob mentioned at the end of the fifth season.

It has also been claimed (with reasonable evidence) that Jacob can appear through animals (vincent, Kate’s horse). However, (and this is really the main point), if the MIB can appear through those who are dead on the island, and Jacob and the MIB are polar opposites, then it would seem to make sense that Jacob can appear through those who are born on the island. However, he also had to find a loophole, because those who get pregnant on the island get an illness (we’ll get back to that later) and die. So, just as convincing Ben to kill Locke so that he wouldn’t have to do it himself was the MIB’s loophole, Claire getting pregnant off the island and then giving birth on the island was Jacob’s.

Now back to the illness, the illness is probably similar to what has happened recently to Sayid and Claire, which seems to be caused by the MIB. It’s possible that MIB has prevented Jacob from being fused with another person by getting pregnant women sick with the unidentifiable “illness.”

Also, Jacob’s sole concern has always been protecting the island. If someone needs to protect the island and he hadn’t found a replacement for himself yet, then why didn’t Jacob fight back when Ben attacked him? Because he knew he was coming back to the island as Aaron just as MIB was born again through Locke.

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10 thoughts on “Aaron is Jacob

  1. If MIB wants Aaron, he must think the Others have him.

    Since we haven’t seen any REAL evidence Smocke can remember anything about John other than dying and what he scanned earlier in the show, he (and therefore she) may have no idea that Kate took him.

    Wonder if Smocke has been visiting Clare throughout the three years, or only since he became incarnated (“That’s not Locke! That’s my friend.”)

    Perhaps his interest in Aaron isn’t to claim him – but to prevent him from becoming Jacob.

    And, Aaron has been removed from the island because it wasn’t time for his return (or MIB might find him) BUT now may be (‘cuz Jacob needs some-body … and MIB will be blindsided by it … meaning the boy ISN’T Jacob, but Aaron may become him).

    IF he dies first (or he died after the crash, was innoculated against MIB and Jacob did his ‘stuff’ then).

    Also – WHO appeared as Claire to Kate yelling at her not to bring him back to the island?

  2. Isnt Aaron like 3 years old though, how’s he going to get to the island? And what difference could he make once he gets here?

    Anyone think it could be Walt who Jacob is expecting? Afterall he has the Psychic powers?

  3. This whole idea is good, and also viable because the back story could be cleared up by cleaning up a few of the loose ends – who was in the Cabin and what was going on the time we saw CLaire and Christian there, and what happened to Claire between the time she disapeared and “now”. I love some of the more complex theories on this site, but in the end some are beyond what can be properly explained in the episodes remaining.

    I also wonder if there are additional elements that play into what was stated in this theory – is there perhaops an element of “making a deal with the devil” for MIB whereby the “host” or his followers get something in return (Locke being able to walk again, for example). Could all be lies in the end from MIB to get what he wants, but humans often make very bad decisions to get something they want.

  4. I know everyone wants to believe this is true, but it just isnt. It wouldnt make sense for a few reasons. A few of them being that Aaron would have to be transported in time a few hundred years, maybe even farther. Also, when the Losties were being herded back to the island and told the importance of their being there, no one even said that Aaron would have to go too. I would think that if he was Jacob, that him being at the island would be kind of important, and getting to the island isnt exactly easy.

    Jacob isnt Aaron, and no one on the show is MiB, and if anyone appeared as Vincent, it was MiB. Everything they have shown us like him spying on the Losties walking thru the jungle and luring Shannon into running after him into a paranoid chick with a gun, shows us that if he was a tool of someone, it would be the bad guy.

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