revealing hieroglyphs

(note: possible spoilers, if you don’t want to know what the hieroglyphs might mean)

I’ve been browsing around Lostpedia (great site btw), and stumbled upon the hieroglyphs section. First of all, I know Lostpedia allows anyone to edit and stuff, so let’s take this as pure speculation.

There are lots of postings (and updated as well) on what these symbols mean and what they are as a whole, from the first sightings of the hieroglyphs to the recent ones. Let’s see some interesting samples:

The red/black symbols on the countdown timer in the hatch – according to damon, the symbols meant to mean “underworld,” while Carlton it’s up to interpretation. Can “Underworld” mean the impending cause of the island to sink? “underwater?” Or, it can simply stand for the fact that the hatch is underground. Or “hell.” Or just a metaphor, as in “yall gon’ die.”

The frozen donkeywheel chamber – There are three groups of hieroglyphs analyzed: two on the wall and one on a column. The walls’ symbols mean “Travel” and “time/vicinity,” which is true to what the wheel does! Also, the column symbols indicates “resurrection.” Interesting… Feel free to analyze that!

Ok, the following is the real kicker..

The Temple – Outside the temple on the walls (can be seen during the Jin/French people/lost arm scene), some symbols mean “resurrection.” This was somewhat proven in the episode “LA X” when the OtherOthers tried to bring back Sayid. Other hieroglyphs scattered within the temple mean: “Travel (interesting),” “rise up,” “the way to sky/heaven,” “time/lifetime/space of time”….. wow. Conscience time/traveling? Literally “life changing? (exchange bodies from other universes)”

The Lighthouse – People are having a hard time translating the Lighthouse hieroglyphs. Damn! This would have been a great way to know more about it.

There’s plenty more hieroglyph hints, such as Ben’s secret door, school classroom, tapestry, etc. Again, we should take some of these with a grain of salt, but we can’t help that some have been proven already!


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I'm the dumbest guy in the world. I haven't watched Lost until the summer of 2009. I watched all four seasons within a few days, now I'm starting to again recently, in addition to season five! woot! :P

8 thoughts on “revealing hieroglyphs

  1. Good job Cliff87. The Temple translation reminds me of the translation Daniel Jackson does in the film ‘Stargate’ before they knew what the stargate was.

  2. Yes me too re the Stargate connection. When the Japanese guy caught Hugo hanging round in that passageway it looked to me that one of the symbols looked very much like a Stargate or an Omega symbol. Could be wrong though.

  3. lovin it!!! stargate stuff spot on, i’m a big fan…i’m also a big fan of fringe and there are alt universe/portal things going on there too….and exec produced by none other than j.j abrams……

  4. If someone can please provide a screensahot of the un-translated hieroglyphs, i will translate them for you. I have a degree in hieroglyphics and ancient laguages of the near east.
    I should also point out though that a lot of the translations have been adapted by the writers to mean something other than their actual meanings. I.e. – the ‘Underworld’ trans is not the correct translation of that word (in fact, underworld is a totally different word/set of glyphs of it’s own). So translations can’t always be reliable on this show. But I am happy to give a proper translation until the writers indicate whether they have changed the meaning. I would need a picture to look at though.

  5. Jacob seems particularly associated with Tawaret. The statue he lives in is of her, and she was counterpart to the demon serpent Apep, ensuring that it remained trapped in the Underworld.
    This would mean MIB is identified with Apep. He is a serpent, wants to kill Jacob, and is trapped.

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