The Ancient Wheels of Numbers, Time & The Mirrors

The Ancient Wheel of Numbers known as the Gematrian Numbers is ‘the code’ of the Grand Design to Creation. Ancient sites around the world are very precisely positioned on a global coordinate system in relation to the position of the Great Pyramid at Giza. The positions of the sites are given in the geometry of their construction. A very ancient system of numbers was used in the system, known as Gematria.

Gematrian numbers are found in ancient myths and religions, including the Bible. Gematrian numbers were used in systems of weights and measures by ancient peoples, including the Greeks, Egyptians, Persians, Babylonians and Romans. The ancient Mayans used Gematrian numbers in their very accurate timekeeping.

The Code system uses mathematical constants, such as pi and the radian. The system also uses conventions that are still in use, such as the 360-degree circle, which we see highlighted on the wheel in the Lighthouse.

The Code system is quite like the cartographic system we still use today, which was handed down to us from very ancient times. In both the old and new reckoning systems, the earth is divided into 360 degrees around the equator for longitude coordinates, and latitude coordinates are reckoned at 90 degrees, from the equator to either Pole. Each degree is further divided into 60 minutes, and each minute is divided into 60 seconds.

Thus, by giving the degrees, minutes, and seconds of East or West longitude and same for the North or South latitude, we can ‘locate’ any point on the earth, similar to the way we give two street addresses to locate a place in our cities and towns. The big difference between the two systems is that today we use Greenwich, England as the starting point (zero degrees), or ‘Prime Meridian’ for the longitude coordinates, whereas the ancients used the Great Pyramid of Giza. This is the same method employed to locate the names and locations on ‘the wheel’ that are associated with the numbers in the Valenzetti Equation. Coincidentally, the Wheel is depicted in many pictures with the ‘All-Seeing Eye’ in the center of it.

‘The Ancient Wheel of Time’ is represented by a seven-spoked wheel, which consists of seven Ages. The turning of this wheel and the events of each Age generate the ‘Great Pattern’, a predefined plan that defines the past, present and future. The Wheel itself is the work of the Creator, and is powered by the True Source. Both the Creator and the True Source exist outside of time itself. The Creator imprisoned a third force known as the ‘Dark One’ outside the Great Pattern at the very moment of creation itself. Although powerful, the ‘Dark One’ had no ability to influence the world. This is very reminiscent of the position of Jacob and Nemesis on ‘the island’ and may provide us with some insight as to what purpose ‘the island’ actually serves, including their ultimate purpose.

Into each Age are born individuals who possess the ability to change the Pattern of an Age in either minor or major ways. These people are known as Ta’veren. This is a person around whom the ‘Wheel of Time’ weaves all surrounding life-threads, perhaps ALL life-threads, to form a Web of Destiny; and can have a great influence on events of an Age. Although powerful, Ta’veren are still bound to the Pattern of an Age, as well as ‘The Great Pattern’. It is theorized that Ta’veren are created by the Wheel as a method to assure that the Pattern of an Age is woven properly. During Season 5 we see Jacob at work in the Statue weaving a Tapestry and noted his comment made about the act/art of weaving, which is very symbolic.

Given the knowledge of The Ancient Wheel of Numbers and The Ancient Wheel of Time, we can ascertain these are the methods that are being employed in The Lighthouse. We have determined that the other numbers surrounding the Wheel are consistent with the numbers used in the Valenzetti Equation. We also noted the names of characters, past and present that also appear on the wheel. We know that this is not the first time that people were brought to ‘the island’ for similar purpose, without success. The anticipated success appears to lie with one of the names presently assigned numbers on the wheel.

The method employed to see into the lives by the use of mirrors, is also an ancient method known as ‘scrying’ for purposes of divination. This originated from ancient Alchemists, who used astronomy, astrology and a variety of other metaphysical practices, including the elements and were known as the first Scientists. Alchemy is a Science of Soul that results from an understanding of God, Nature, and Man. A perfect knowledge of any of one them cannot be obtained without the knowledge of the other two, for these three are one and inseparable. The art of ‘scrying’ was originally used by looking into the reflective properties of water, prior to the existence of ancient mirrors.

The mirrors in the Lighthouse enable the seer to view the past, present and possibly the future of the individual whose focus it is placed upon. Jack was able to catch a glimpse into his own past in addition to a glimpse of the past of some of the other characters. We will never know what information could have been gained, had Jack not destroyed the mirrors. What is still unknown is, how the selection process is arrived at in choosing the eligibility of an individual. I suspect that at some point we will eventually know ‘the how’ and ‘the why’, which I feel is a significant part in the Lost mystery.

One last thought on the numbers. We see the name of ‘Wallace’ as #108. I believe this is a ‘shout out’ to David Wallace, famous philosopher of Quantum Mechanics, and best known for his research of the ‘Everett Many-Worlds’ interpretation and his work with renowned Physicist David Deutsch, who is also a proponent of the ‘Many-Worlds’ interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. I suspect this is another connection for us to make.

Thanks to good pal Jazprof for her inspiration on the aspect of Quantum Mechanics ala Deutsch, in addition to other insights which prompted the research on this theory, and to all the members of this site who serve as inspiration on all aspects of the Lost Universe.

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~ Contrary to popular misconception, karma has nothing to do with punishment and reward. It exists as part of our holographic universe’s binary or dualistic operating system only to teach us responsibility for our creations—and all things we experience are our creations. ~

25 thoughts on “The Ancient Wheels of Numbers, Time & The Mirrors

  1. Hi loop! Firstly, thank you very much for your kind words. I was all over the Internet researching this one. There is a plethora of information available.

    In response to your question, I do believe that ‘the island’ is its own entity. It may be where the ‘laws’ of the universe and creation are upheld, or something to that effect. I haven’t figured out that aspect of it. Hopefully, in time more information will surface to give us a better idea.

    Thanks again for your comment!

  2. Hi loop, the Mayans are also an ancient civilization that I am interested in.

    There is a wealth of information on ancient civilizations and where their beliefs stemmed from. Interestingly, they appear to date back to the time of creation.

    It is widely believed that ancient civilizations disappeared because of their use or misuse and pursuit of modern technology. This might well be true, in part. However, I am certain that other things just as likely played a part in this.

    The Sun and the Moon are significant to ancient beliefs. Caves were used for many purposes, in addition.

    Thanks for your interest.

  3. Dabsi!!! Your killing me, lol…

    I actually did some research on Gematrian Numbers and came up flat…this is amazing!

    I became familiar with the topic and the whole time Im reading it thinking how the hell did she get this from what I read, lol…especially combined with other information that I am familiar with!

    I also love incorporating the tapestry into the ‘wheel’…what a connection!

    The technique of scrying is one used in many simple ideas of gypsies and their crystal ball…

    The wheel of time itself is something that touches close to home for me on the site…what made you go there now?
    Is it the numbers?
    Either way, phenomenal job!

    I have a lot to talk about on this…I would like to start with the wheel of time…

    I really like the direction into alchemy…I strongly feel it is the right choice at this point.

    Great relation to the work of Deutsch and “Wallace”…Im stuck on “Charles Wallace” from “A Wrinkle…”, but you make me rethink the situation a little…

    Oh…and on the subject of Deutsch…Jazprof…genius…plain and simple…

    Dabsi, I think you have something here…something big.
    Its easy to find a subject in the outside world and relate it to Lost…but to make the simple connections that exist and combine separate outside works to incorporate a theory like this is unbelievable.

    Between the wheel, the mirrors, the tapestry, and the (gematrian)numbers…you may have very well solved the allusions responsible for creating the meaning behind the wheel, Jacob/MIB, and even the basis for “light and dark”…great theory overall Dabsi!!!

  4. Hi AES, this was one of those situations where I went in search of a couple of things, and found myself entrenched in areas I didn’t know existed on the Internet. lol

    I felt when I watched the episode that the use of mirrors, accompanied with the wheel and numbers was some form of ‘ancient’ form of alchemy, but very ancient….It was not easy to find much on the subject but it eventually led me somewhere…..and onwards.

    I looked for ‘ancient’ wheels and circles with numbers and came across so much information, but this seemed to fit in so well. I also had to apply how the numbers surrounding the wheel fit in with the numbers, degrees and the mirrors.

    It just made sense this was how these were being used to find, locate and track people brought to ‘the island’.

    Where I ended up was in no way where I began. I was very surprised by the connections, but feel they are inevitably the ‘right’ ones.

    Thanks for very kind comments and interest on this.

  5. Dabs, I read this just before I went into work and have been chomping at the bit to respond to this. First of all you did a great job with the research and connections. Like AES I’ve been aware of this subject but couldn’t make the connection to Lost. One of the things I thought of while reading this was ‘phi,’ (and no the predictive text didn’t strike there, that is what I wrote:)) the Golden Ratio. Phi is what controls the spiral formation of a nautilus shell, the way leaves grow on trees, and the pattern of seeds on a sunflower. The Fibonacci Sequence (0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13…) is an example. When the great cathedrals of the world was built the designers used the Golden Ratio throughout and felt it was the most pleasing to the eye.

    The other thing I thought of was the book ‘Foulcalt’s Pendulum. ‘ I know the book has been discussed in other post but I don’t recall if you said you read it or not. Anyways, I was first exposed to similar ideas in that book.

    Thanks for giving us a very enjoyable theory that expands our horizons when it comes to Lost.

  6. You’ve got me a bit confused dabs, I’m not sure why you’ve connected the gematrian numbers and the idea that the ancients had an advanced maths that we are just rediscovering now with a fictional story by Robert Jordan. You talk about the plot of the Wheel of Time as though it is the spiritual base of a civilisation and I’m not sure how they fit together other than the iconography of circles. Are you saying that Damon and Carlton have used Wheel of Time in a similar way to The Stand?

  7. Hi Achalli, thanks for your kind words. I actually did come across the Fibonacci Sequence in my research and recalled this being posted on back in the earlier seasons.

    There was a wealth of information to choose from on each topic I write about here, The Wheel of Numbers, The Wheel of Time and Ancient Alchemy and the use of Mirrors.

    I wanted to ensure that I covered as much as I could to explain the use of each, so people would get a good idea as to the inner-workings of what was viewed in the Lighthouse.

    Understanding the ancient history of these will likely prove beneficial as more of the story unravels.

    Glad you liked it!

  8. Dab’s: Great research and connections… I haven’t read any of the comments yet, but I will try to give this a better read through a bit later…

    But one thing that I wanted to point out, is that the part of your post about the lighthouse being used for scrying, well this could also connect with Achalli’s recent post on Tezcatlipoca…

    The lighthouse is a scrying tool which uses the elements of “fire and water.” Just as Texcatlipoca’s mirror can be considered a scrying tool, which also bares the elemental symbols of “fire and water.”

  9. elsewhere, The ancient art of ‘scrying’ has been used by almost every civilization in history and still exists in some parts of the world today.

    Originally, the water in the pools in the Temples were used prior to mirrors, and after that soft shiny metal surfaces were used.

    In essence your observation about the Aztecs using ‘scrying’ amongst other things is likely correct.

    I have researched back on all of these subjects to show the use of all three together in the Lighthouse.

  10. PS: elsewhere… on a side-note not theory related, I found an interesting connection to 1111 while reading the Fibonacci Sequence.

  11. Cuse & Lindelof have named many characters after or in reference to philosophers (Locke, Bentham, Bakunin, Burke, Hume, and so on). In a lot of cases, the character in the show has both the first and last name of the philosopher. So, perhaps Wallace (108) is in reference to a character named David Wallace, and we have not yet heard of a character with this name.

    Perhaps Wallace is Jack’s wife’s maiden name in the ATL, and if Jack and her are to divorce, perhaps his sons name goes from David Shepard to David Wallace.

  12. Hi Inquisitor, that is an excellent point that you make. It would absolutely make sense that we will see a character with this name, eventually.

    You could be very right, about that character being Jack’s son, and he goes by the name of Wallace, the maiden name of his mother. Nice connection on that!

    Thanks for your comment!

  13. You might want to check out these links

    This theory is not your words. You have simply cut and paste information from these sites. The entire first 3/4 of this has been taken directly from these websites and a large chunk of the alchemy information from another. I find it offensive that you have stolen other people’s work and are claiming it for your own. This isn’t a theory it is plagarism. Not to mention that part of what you have cut and paste is from a blurb about a piece of fiction but you add it in as though it is the beliefs of an actual people. If you are going to use a piece of fiction as a reference, be upfront about it.
    This is all seperate from the ‘theory’ itself – the Lost numbers aren’t gematrian, circles have 360 degrees (that doesn’t make the lighthouse anything special) and scrying doesn’t work like what we saw, you can’t just walk past a mirror and ‘scry’ without intending to. The links that you have made between what you cut and paste is tenuous at best.
    Doing research is great, stealing other people’s intellectual work without acknowledging it shouldn’t be ok at all.
    How many of your other theories are actually yours at all?

  14. This is the best mind blowing thing i have ever read. I was especially blown by the David Wallace reference. My mind hurt from thinking too much today.

    After looking into it more and the Many World’s Interpretation it seems like that it what they are trying to do with the Flash Sideways.

    Also when it talks about Quantum Suicide and how at every probability of death a new “world” is created. The only person who would know if it worked would be the person testing it, to everyone else it would look as though they died. This got me thinking about how detonating Jughead created an alternate world where 815 landed, but Richard still said that he say everyone die.

    Then they talk about Quantum immortality and how a person preforming quantum suicide never seeing his/her own death believes they cannot die…

    everyone should check out the wikipedia posts on Many World’s Interpretation and Quantum Suicide and Immortality

  15. Thanks you Grego. I certainly can’t take credit for The Many Worlds idea on the ‘quantum mechanics’ for the ‘sideways’ flashes. That, credit goes to my pal, Jazprof who pointed it out to myself and several others.

    If you haven’t looked up David Deutsch, separately, please do. You will find his contributions an exciting addition.

    I did find and make the connection on David Wallace to the Many Worlds Interpretation after last weeks episode.

    I felt it was important to understand the inner workings of The Lighthouse and share that information, albeit not an easy undertaking. I am certain this will be of value in future.

    Thanks for your interest and your very generous comments. It’s greatly appreciated!

  16. As usual, great post Dabs. I also like the David Wallace connection. I’m a fan of the “many worlds” theory considering every choice everyone makes should present a whole new timeline for everyone else, as well as the choice maker. Everything effects everything.

    How this all correlates with what they are getting at in this show has yet to be fully understood. We may find out that no matter what happens in any given parallel timeline, it always ends the same no matter what…..

    Another post of yours got me thinking again. I appreciate it.

  17. Hi Chief, I think you make a very valid point, and I feel if things do go awry for our characters it, would definitely like in the area of everything effects everything, based upon choice.

    This is an area where I believe the writers can really exercise their creative talents and present all kinds of twists and turns.

    We have all noted that it appears in the ‘Flash Sideways’ life that the lives of everyone on the surface seem to be idyllic.

    Having said that, expect that ‘choice’ is what will throw a ‘proverbial’ monkey-wrench into the mix.

    I hope somebody will take on the task of posting a theory on this topic, as I think some of those ideas might surface.

    Thanks for your comment and interest!

  18. Assuming that humanity is about to end somehow towards the end of the story, this proverbial “choice” that needs made would probably relate to the source of the armageddon. It would make sense that way.

    I mean, if a moon sized meteor is on it’s way to Earth, there’s nothing a Lostie could do to save us all (you wouldn’t think). So maybe the source of “the end” is island related, like “Jacob or MIB” related. My guess is still that one of those two are wanting humanity to end.

    Maybe tonight’s episode will shed some light on the BIG picture for once.

  19. Hi Chief, I agree that the source for ‘the end’ is between Jacob and Nemesis, even though we are presently unaware of their individual motives.

    I think whatever this ‘end’ is, it will involve some form of sacrifice on behalf of one or more of ‘the losties’, in order to save mankind. I can’t fathom what this ‘end’ involves in terms of a disaster, etc.

    I can’t even make any guesses as to what that might be. I still think that it might be too early on for any big reveals in that direction, but am hoping that we will get some type of answers that may put us in a better position to theorize on the possibilities, at least.

  20. Dude, this is a remarkable post, many congrats.

    The part that intrigued me was:

    “Alchemy is a Science of Soul that results from an understanding of God, Nature, and Man”

    What if we evolve this to:

    God = Jacob

    Nature = Smoke monster

    Man = the candidate (jack)

    What if all of this is an experiment by alchemists to view this trinity in action. It is about the underlying fabric of life itself.

    Anyway, great stuff.

  21. nachochris, I like your thoughts on this being an Alchemists experiment. It is also hard to ignore the fact that somebody, (Jacob) allowed the Dharma Initiative access to ‘the island’ to conduct a variety of experiments.

    Ancient alchemists took precious metals and hammered away at them to transform them into other materials. The symbolism of ‘transformation’ was also spiritual in nature.

    We can look at what has happened with ‘the losties’ own personal ‘spiritual’ transformations since their arrival on ‘the island’ and find the symbolism present.

    Jacob’s statements to Hurley regarding Jack, requiring further ‘perspective’, is very reminiscent to me, of this.

    Great idea…thanks for your input!

  22. I love those thoughts Chris…Im wondering how MIBs statement of “once being a man” could play into those thoughts.

    Im not sure how much alchemy has been discussed here, I dont remember seing much about it…but that is a great statement to bring to light.

    I do feel that this season we will see ‘magic’ happen on Lost in a more unexplainable manner. At least from laws that we know in our universe.

    I do believe that the island will be explained as a source for what we know as ‘magic’ or unexplained phenomena…and would love to see Lost delve deeper into the post of alchemy.

    Great thoughts on this post…

  23. Hi AES, the one thought I have regarding Nemesis once being a man is, that he may have undergone some kind of ‘transformation’ himself.

    I pursued the avenue of Alchemy, because of the science vs faith aspects in Lost. It just seemed to fit in.

    The history between Jacob and Nemesis dates far back in time, where these practices were used. Alchemists were revered and respected in the Ancient Temples.

  24. I love it Dabs…makes me think heavily into his words to Richard regarding “Jacob made me this way”…Maybe old MIB was #1 on the ceiling/wheel…the first candidate chosen by Jacob…

    Great thoughts on the alchemy, something I am fairly familiar with, but never really applied to Lost…

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