The Dharma Initiative, The Swan Station, A Little of Everything

Ok, I think I’ve thought of something that should work out as a good launching point but I’m not sure where it’s going so I’m just going to start typing and see where my fingers lead me…

The Swan Station… I know, it’s been a while since we’ve thought about it too closely (except as a hole in the ground)… Remember back at the end of last season when we saw the Swan Station when it was just a construction site? Did it strike anyone as odd that the Dharma Initiative would stamp the numbers onto the hatch? It seemed just strange as hell to me but somehow I put it out of my mind and let it go… Maybe it was just me that did that and I’m the only one who hasn’t figured this stuff out yet. It seems odd to me because of two of the things I’ve believed about the Dharma Initiative:

One: That they are visitors to the Island and that they don’t really know much about what’s going on there (I know the Others treat them like this is the truth but I don’t believe it at all).

Two: That they are the mainly science oriented group of Islanders and aren’t really all that interested in the other Island Mysteries (I don’t buy this either but it is the side of the DI that we’ve been most prominently presented with).

Stamping the numbers on the hatch doesn’t make any sense! Right? Maybe it does make sense. I think the Dharma Initiative is really in on a lot of the Island’s mysteries and that, unbeknownst to the Others, they were in communication with either Jacob or his homicidal beach buddy. I believe that putting the numbers on the hatch was part of a scheme to apply some sort of protection to the Swan Station from whichever side is opposed to the Island Deity Type the DI was in league with. I’m kind of torn on this but I think the Dharma Initiative was with Jacob all along. There is other evidence for this such as the sonic fence used to keep the Smoke Monster out (who we now know to be a guy who used to like wearing black shirts but now wears green and looks like John Locke)…

I think a lot of you already know my view of the Purge and what it really was. No?

The Truth About the Purge

What survived the purge? The Others, true… Danielle, true. The people in the Swan Station, true. How did they survive? Well, the Others are the “useful idiots”, usable by both sides. Danielle may have been infected (by Jacob’s buddy?). The Swan people were protected (not just by airtight seals but by the numbers and maybe other things we didn’t see). Usable by MIB, sided with MIB, protected from MIB. Everyone else died. Hmmmm.

So the purge happens but it isn’t what we think… it’s not just a simple gas attack… it’s the first time MIB tricked Ben into killing someone. Ben kills his father (one of Jacob’s people kills one of Jacob’s people) and that marks the beginning of open season on the DI… MIB kills the rest though we’re led to believe that the Others did it. The Others are spared, Danielle is spared and the Swan people are spared…

Moving forward we have a couple of people stuck in the Swan Station pushing a button… something that was too important to just stop doing. The DI knows they have to keep pushing the button or they’re going to open up MIBs path to his loophole (or maybe it is the loophole) so they protect the Swan Station and the button keeps getting pushed even though the inhabitants occasionally blow their own brains against the ceiling… they don’t seem to have much trouble as far as we know until they start going outside. I’m not sure if the suit ever did anything to protect them while they were out but really, all of this could have been prevented if they’d just stayed in the station. They go outside and Inman starts thinking of betrayal (leaving Desmond there alone)… they go outside and Desmond ends up killing Inman. They go outside and that causes the plane crash, bringing people to the island. Even the suicide could be explained by trips outside since it seems possible that Radzinski was leaving the station (and possibly annotating his map with things he found) or maybe Inman was infected and killed Radzinski.

I don’t know exactly how it all fleshes out though since the plane crash seems to work in favor of both Jacob and MIB… I think one thing is pretty crystal clear though and that is that the Dharma Initiative knows a lot about the island and might even be privy to more information than the Others are. They know enough about the infection to at least put up some protections against it. Then know how to protect themselves from MIB…. I think whoever it is coming to the island is going to be in some way associated with the Dharma Initiative.

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11 thoughts on “The Dharma Initiative, The Swan Station, A Little of Everything

  1. if not than the first spin off series of lost is gonna be dharma centric. their story does seem unfinished. twould be a shame to leave their story where it is.

  2. ooh also the question the swan people ask: are you HIM? that might help support your theory that either jacob or mib is in league with them…

  3. Right… They’re coming as in a pluralty of people are on their way to the island and will be arriving soon. People are speculating that it’s Desmond or Widmore… I think Widmore is associated with the Dharma Initiative and will probably be part of the group that’s coming. It could be the return of the Dharma Initiative… The Others seem to be screwing up their island duties so maybe the DI will come to take over doing Jacob’s work. It’s going to be hard to answer questions about the DI without them becoming a player in the show again…

  4. I don’t know who is coming but for some reason Jefferson Airplane/Starship lyrics keep going thru my head.
    Go ask Wallace, I think he’ll know…………

  5. Highbrow,

    It seems you and i agree on some stuff.
    You mention ‘the purge’ as the first time MIB tricked Ben to kill people?
    So you agree that its possible some or alot of ‘Jacobs’ commands were actually MIBs?

    i definitely agree that Dharmas overall involvement will be much bigger than we thought, And i agree that there will be some connection between Jacob and Dharma, and its part of a grand theory i’m piecing together, i don’t think Jacob is as mystical as we’ve been led to believe. I also think that Smokie/MIB may have been the ‘god-like’ figure that the others praised originally (maybe an Egyptian thing), until Dharma and Jacob got involved.

    I think our views of the show are shaping up to be quite similar.

    The war between science and faith is coming.

  6. I don’t think the Degroots plan to take over from the others, i think the battle will be over ‘the event’ thats coming, one side who want to change/prevent it, and the other who believe it should/is supposed to happen

  7. It just seems to me that the Others and their pure faith approach to everything isn’t really working out too well… the Dharma Initiative, if you really look at them, really seemed to have their stuff together much better since it seems that they acted with knowledge.

    Yeah, I think that some of the commands the Others followed were from Jacob and some were not… I believe that Ben killed his father with poison gas because he believed it was what he was supposed to do but really it was just MIB tricking him. After that was done I believe it was MIB that killed the DI (not the Others). Kind of in the same way that we thought all along that MIB couldn’t kill Jacob but seemed totally free to do so after Ben stabbed him.

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