Jacob + MIB = ?????

Yin and Yang is used to show how opposites in the world are dependent on one another to exist. Apparently it is not so much about good and evil, but about the balance between those 2 opposing things. [6]. Dogen said that Locke/MIB is evil incarnate meaning that he is pure evil and since he is Jacob’s rival we can probably say that Jacob is all good. What if Jacob and MIB are the good and evil inside of one person, but have become physical entities on the island [1].

When they are on the beach MIB says to Jacob “Do you know how much I want to kill you?” [4]. But Jacob knows he can’t because they need each other, because they are apart of each other, it would create an in balance within whoever they came from. Maybe that’s why MIB doesn’t have a name yet.  It makes sense that they both are aware of where they came from and Jacob is more accepting and the MIB wants a way out to be free and do whatever he wants. MIB’s loophole was to find someone whose body he could fill with pure evil and that happened to be Locke, why Locke is so special I don’t know [2].

I think the little boy that MIB and Sawyer saw is Aaron and that MIB and Jacob are embodiments of two opposing forces inside him (at the risk of misinterpreting Yin and Yang we will say Good and Evil). MIB and Jacob are like the angel and devil sitting on Aaron’s shoulders [1]. This is why the little boy told MIB that “you can’t kill him” [3] Since they are one in the same they can’t kill each other, because they would end up killing themselves. He will never be able to get rid of all the good that was in Jacob or even in the world for that matter, because no matter how much bad things happen there is always hope that some good will come. [5]


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8 thoughts on “Jacob + MIB = ?????

  1. Ha ha ha nice theory on it’s own absolutly brilliant theory with the sources laughting my arse off espesially after wasting half a hour of my life Reading all the comments on the other thread
    Brother, My. “Conversation I had with him”
    love it ha ha ha

  2. It was already a pretty good post, then you throw a humorous cherry on top. Well done.

    I was wondering why you threw numbers in there, when I found out, I think I literally laughed out loud for a second.

    I was gonna elaborate about the post, but the sources threw me off. Oh well, it was still worth it.

  3. Haha, I also love the reference list, especially in the light of the accusations of plagiarism that have surfaced lately on this site. We all have to make sure to give proper credit from now on. 😉

  4. Grego, love your ideas here on Yin and Yang. They go along with many of the thoughts that I have had along the way of there being two opposing sides required in the universe to sustain its existence.

    Love your positive attitude! Nice theory!

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