All betrayal begins with seduction. This I know from experience on both sides. What flocke said to Sayid in the jungle mirrored what Ben said to Locke before Anthony Cooper appeared on the black rock. 
   Flocke is giving everyone our losties choices that at first glance seem reasonable or designed to make him seem reasonable. But a choice that’s irresistable is not reasonable, I mean who could resist. 
   The choice he gave to the temple others is also irresistable, leave and live or stay and die. 
   Not much of a choice is it?
   On Flockes side we have Sawyer, Sayid, Clare, and a reluctant Kate. Kate and Sawyer are two people who are used to playing both ends against the middle so we’ll have to wait and see whatever happens there. On Jacobs side we have Hurley, Jack,Frank, sun(who were both recruited by Christian who we also saw with Clare) Ilana and Ben(who is also adept at playing both ends against the middle. 
   Who knows where Richard or Jin will end up, but now we know all the pieces. To me finding out Smokies name could help us solve the puzzle. 

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7 thoughts on “Sides.

  1. Kate doesn’t belong in the group she is with now. Kate is going to be a major pain for Flocke. She is the only one in that group that can influence Sawyer.
    I thought the same thing about what Flocke offered Sayid. I was suprised he didn’t say anything about the Island being a big magic box.
    Lastly, Ben wasn’t with Ilana and co. when they left the Temple. I rewatched it this morning and that was one of the questions I had in my own mind.
    Richard was on his way back but didn’t make it by sundown. I’m guessing Ben and Richard are going to hook up and plot something of their own.

  2. “But choice that’s irresistable is not reasonable, I mean who could resist.” Oh how true is that…

    I think Sawyer is playing a long con…

  3. Jin is already on Flocke’s side. That was the point of Claire suggesting that Flocke send Sawyer or Jin into the Temple instead of her. We havent seen what he said to hook Jin, but it was most likely promising to reunite him with Sun. And most likely made it sound like the reunion wouldnt be possible without his help.

  4. Roland, there are a couple of peek previews regarding what happens with Ben. But I would definitely recommending not watching them in order to not spoil your fun next Tuesday.

  5. Seduction? Betrayal? Irresistable choices? I don’t know about you guys but it sounds a little like the devil to me. Now, I really don’t think they will make Jacob and Flocke God and the Devil, but they clearly have a lot of those characteristics. I’m starting to think that these flash sideways’ are the bargains that flocke is offering to people. Sayid was offered a chance to have the only thing he ever wanted (I’m assuming he meant Nadia, not Shannon). In the flash sideways Nadia is once again alive but Sayid can’t be with her (very deal with the devil). Also, Locke gets the only thing he ever wanted, to have a good relationship with his father, but has to stay in the wheelchair. I haven’t figured out the connection with the rest of the flash sideways’ but maybe someone can help out?
    daddyx, great post! Thanks!
    Also, Long Con Sawyer? Definately!!

  6. I believe Sawyer was key for jacob because of his conman ways too, and I don’t believe he is fully convinced that following Smokie/Flocke is the best bet… but if he intends to con him, he’ll be up against his toughest task yet! Flocke turned the ultimate con on everyone already and I’m sure he’s keen to Saywer’s potential… I bet Sawyer teams up with Jack one last time and redeems himself just before he dies – being the key factor in Jacobs grand counter plan vs Smokie.

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