Oh yeah, I almost forgot…

It turned out that that which happened, actually happened and the only way to introduce change to the past is to create a separate, alternate timeline.

Just sayin’

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7 thoughts on “Oh yeah, I almost forgot…

  1. Highbrow, how do you come to that conclusion? As far as I can understand, things are different in BOTH time lines compared to how things might have played out if they didn’t time travel.

  2. @Andre7, not intention, I swear.

    @A.E.S., it is an alternate timeline (I’m talking about the no Crash Timeline), and the purpose was to get you started.

    @ilieintheshadowofthestatue, of course things are affected by the time travel. The time travel happened. But no events that we saw happen previously in the time Crash Timeline were altered. We’re seeing the two timelines interact a little (or maybe just the original affecting the new) but it’s not changing anything in the past (from the Losties POV).

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