Richard saw all the Losties “die” in 1977, or did he?

Remmember that on season 5 Sun came to Richard, showed him the picture of the DI with Jin included on them (among the rest of them), then Richard told her that he saw them all die. My conclusion now after season’s 5 finale is that he saw them die cuz the H-bomb went off. But I have a mayor problem with this, specifically with the relationship of Richard and Sawyer: they know each other from all the way in 1974, when Sawyer told him that in 1954 they told the Others to burry the H-bomb. Now, afterwards they kept seeing each other till 1977 they brought Ben to be saved (and Sawyer was on the island for 3 whole years so I imagine they know each other for quite some time now). Finally, they have seen each other since 2004, when the plane crashed, but if time line theory is correct, then Richard knew Sawyer since 1974, not 2004, and when they crashed on the island, he saw the same person that he knew from the DI in 1977.

My question is: WHY IS RICHARD NOT SURPRISED TO SEE THE LOSTIES ALIVE AFTER THE H-BOMB (OR WHATEVER RICHARD THOUGHT KILLED THEM IN THE PAST?). Why did Richard answer to Sun that he did know the losties from the DI back in 1977 and that he saw them die? See my point anyone?

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10 thoughts on “Richard saw all the Losties “die” in 1977, or did he?

  1. I have always presumed he looked at the picture saw the date and he said he watched them all die meaning the purge. As far as Richards concerned everyone in that dharma camp died in the purge, if they were there then they must have died.

  2. I agree, I think Richard is just assuming that because they were part of the Dharma Initiative, Richard is just assuming they died. When he says “I watched them all die” he just means the DI in general. Also, Sawyer and Richard had very minimal interactions (if any) in 2004 so maybe that’s why Richard doesn’t really realize the entirety of what’s going on?

  3. *Richard is just assuming that because they were part of the DI they died in the purge.

    Note to self: Pay more attention to what you are typing!

  4. Hmm actually thats a good question because if Richard saw them die in ’77 then he wouldnt have seen them in ’04 right? And i know they hadnt gone back in time yet but in 2007 he gave locke the compass knowing he was going to see him again in ’54..

    Unless the hydrogen bomb changed their deaths?

    My head hurts 🙁

  5. I does hurt doesn’t it? Time travel always does (as to the losties lol). This is just what I got confused on, but Jenuis makes a great point that I had not thought of (thanx Jenius). The thing should be that Richard thought that the losties in 1977 died cuz all the DI died in the purge, he deduced they died, he couldn’t have seen them die back in 77′.

  6. Mamey, this is a very good question, and one I keep asking myself. I have no real answer for why Richard makes this claim.

    Richard was present in 1977 when the arrangements for taking the ‘core’ of ‘Jughead’ by Jack, et el were being made. However, he was also present in 2007 when the ‘flash’ occurred that spurred the ‘incident’.

    Richard hasn’t demonstrated that he has any real knowledge of what has been happening on ‘the island’, ao I am wondering if he was lying or, he knows some kind of truth, and isn’t saying what it is.

    I do hope we are given some understanding as to why he made this claim.

  7. Dabs you make a good point.. Maybe Richard assumed they all died because they flashed through time when the bomb exploded, and thinking they’re all dead seemed the most reasonable explanation?

  8. Have wondered about this, too – but can’t come up with a good reason for him to lie. Less so as the season progresses.

    The only 815er Richard really *knew* from the 1970s was Saywer. (Neither he nor Jin were in the picture. In fact, only Kate, Hurley, and Jack were.)

    While Kate bringing Ben for baptism and rebirth *should* have caused him to remember her in 2004, he may have been more focused on LaFleur, with whom he had a stronger relationship.

    Furthermore, while it’s true that if he knows little-to-nothing about candidates and time-flashing 2004 should have thrown him for a loop …

    In 2007:

    Richard meets Sun for the first time.

    Sun asks about Jin – who Richard hasn’t seen.

    Locke shows up, and Richard admits of all the things he’s seen on the island, coming back to life is not one of them.

    And Sawyer – when he was too shook-up by Smocke to care about anything but getting away safely.

    So, at the time Sun showed Richard the picture, the only other person who could have raised a flag was Kate, and perhaps he didn’t notice her. (Yeah, I know guys LOVE dirty Kate – but it could happen.)

    Locke, of course, is in a completely different category because he *popped* in and out of Richard’s life all along. This little fact was probably explained away by Jacob/MIB, who would exploit on it for the development of a loophole and counter-plan.

  9. They didn’t show Richard meeting Sawyer in 2004 and the two he did meet, Kate and Sayid (when they got the others to help resuce Ben from the freighter guys at the helicopter) they didn’t actually SHOW that meeting, just the results of it, so Richard could have remembered them and that’s why they worked together.
    On Richard seeing them die, if he knew they were going to detonate the bomb and maybe saw the results (dead DI people) did he assume they all died as well as he wouldn’t have run into them again after that incident because they flashed out of the 70s.

  10. I’m with Jenius on this… I think he was referring to the purge, and it was used to throw us off b/c of the finale. He was referring 2 the dharma initative…

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