Wallace could be a clue to the birthing issue

I’ve been looking around the internet for information on Wallaces, are they going to use another known name as a way of giving us some more hints on what’s happening and came across an interesting guy. Alfred R Wallace was a naturalist at the same time as Darwin. He came up with the idea of natural selection at pretty much the same time, yet independently of Darwin. What I thought was interesting about him was that as well as being a really well known and respected scientist, he was also a spiritualist. The idea of science and spirit not being mutually exclusive or contradictory is definitely an idea being explored in Lost. Wallace was also an early environmentalist and social activist, spending time arguing against the small pox vaccination (thought that was an interesting coincidence or is it?).

The area that I thought he could be a relevant ‘clue’ is with the birthing issues on the island. What if they can’t have children because the others have evolved into a slightly different species, for want of a better word, and can’t interbreed with the rest of us. Or, does the island, mother nature, Gaia, not want the others to continue and this is a way for the species to die out. Juliet mentioned that she thought the problem with the babies happened at conception — so how is Ji Yeon ok, if there was a problem, didn’t it happen at conception so how did getting off the island change that? Or was she always going to be fine because Sun and Jin aren’t others?

This is a question that is going to need to be answered, was the reference to Wallace leading us to AR Wallace and giving us some pre information on why no babies?

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9 thoughts on “Wallace could be a clue to the birthing issue

  1. The name Wallace will not be important as the show goes on. The task that Jacob sent Hurley and Jack on was a red herring. The purpose was to get them out of the Temple and to show Jack that he is indeed important.

  2. If a species isn’t ‘viable’ anymore they become extinct. So interbreeding would be a problem but could the island and it’s energy effect their genetic make up to not only make them different but also unable to reproduce. Wallace talked about nature countering and stopping increases of numbers and hybridization before anything was noticable, is this what the island is doing?

  3. Spontaneously, I would have guessed that Jacob has brought people to the Island frequently enough to avoid inbreeding, but who knows.

  4. Not inbreeding, but interbreeding. If they can’t breed with non others and something has happened to stop them breeding amongst themselves, they would become extinct. And this is all just based on what if the others are biologically different.

  5. Good catch on Alfred R Wallace, don’t think i’ve heard anyone mention him.
    He does seem like a person the writers would reference.
    Hes a scientist and spiritualist? sounds alot like what Dharma were all about, i’m gonna read up more on him.

  6. But they seemed surprised when Sayid died and woke up so I thought that you weren’t supposed to actually die in the spring.
    SF, that’s what I thought too when I found him, this is the kind of guy Damon and Carlton would know about and reference. He was one of the most well known scientists of his time yet we know pretty much bogong of him being totally eclipsed by Darwin

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