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Hey guys and gals! I did a search for “Appendix” and “Appendicitis” before writing this and didn’t find anything the same, so I hope this isn’t bringing up a repeated theory. (Apologies if it is). I do read most of the posts here but due to the delay in episodes I don’t get to see them all, so again, apologies if this has already been brought up.

Anyhow, not alot of you know this, but I also have a little Lost Blog of my own where I write reviews about each episode, and I was just in the middle of writing my review for Lighthouse, when I had what appeared to be an ephiphany (sp?).

It seems so obvious to me now which is why I’m wondering if it’s been mentioned before.

In the “Alt Universe/Timeline/Whatever”, Jack has his appendix out when he was 7 or 8 years old. I was trying to figure out if Jack would’ve been that age before 1977, before the bomb blew up. If he was then the bomb wouldn’t have been the cause of the Alt Universe.

But then I got to thinking that perhaps Jack was 7 or 8 years old in 1977, and that his Appendix burst on the day of the bomb! I’m thinking that when the bomb blew up and caused this Alt Universe, the people who had time travelled to 1977, some of their attributes were transfered to their younger selves in Alternate 1977.

When the time travellers are in 1977, for some of them, there are also younger versions of them in the outside world. Sawyer told Jack that in 1976 he could’ve stopped his father from killing his mother then himself, but he didn’t because what’s done is done. In 1976 Sawyer was 8 years old, so I’m guessing Jack is around the same age.

So, in 1977 Jack could’ve been 7 or 8 years old. When the bomb blew up in 1977, time traveller Jack no longer had his Appendix, so when the Alt Universe was created this part of Jack transfered to his younger, alternate self in 1977, which meant that without his Appendix, this would cause alot of trouble for 8 year old alternate Jack, which meant that he would’ve had to have it taken out.

I have no idea if what I just said made sense, but please let me know what you think. If anyone else has written this theory before let me know so I can take a look πŸ™‚

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30 thoughts on “Jack’s Appendix

  1. Emzi, I love this. I love the idea that his appendix burst at the time of the bomb going off. Who knows if we will even see this type of detail explained in the remaining episodes, but I decided that you are right so lets go with it. πŸ˜‰

    At this point, there are certain things that we will just have to make connections to on our own, and I can handle this one SO much more than any kind of alien explanation. Nice work!

    I have also thought about the time that Jacob starts visiting the Losties (if you start with Sawyer being the first) and how it would be right around the time of the explosion, too. And from the viewer’s perspective the explosion happened in ’77 at the same time Jacob was getting killed. I think we were supposed to recognize this timing last season and see the effects of it this season. I know it isn’t technically the same time on-island, but it’s interesting to see the correlation that Jacob’s visits started off-island in the same year that the ’77 on-island Losties triggered the Sideways timeline. To me it reinforces the connectedness of the timelines and why we keep seeing overlaps of relationships, events and even issues/choices in the Sideways line.

  2. Hi emzi, I just love this idea. I have been attempting to make sense out of the ‘appendix’ removal and why Jack bears the scar from childhood in the ‘flash sideways’.

    You’re correct. Jack and Sawyer would be approximately be of the same age.

    What also makes me believe that you are onto something is, in the ‘sideways flash’ Jack seems to have no memory of this occurring. One of the repercussions of the ‘incident’ is, that it created ‘subtle’ changes and differences.

    Nice theory!

  3. Hey Emzi, very nice theory! However, I believe Juliet took out Jack’s appendix in season 4 so it was in 2004 rather than 1977. I wouldn’t be surprised if other things that happened in 77 did transfer to the young off island losties though!
    I was thinking that in this new timeline anything that happened on the island at any point melded into their past in some way or another and this is why they don’t remember because they don’t remember the island.

  4. I think you are right about this! It makes perfect sense to me and explains why they made a big deal about the appendix scar – and Jack’s inability to remember collapsing in school before he had it removed.

    I like how you linked up the timing with Jacob visiting Kate and Sawyer when they were younger (being around ’77). Although, that doesn’t hold true for Sun/Jin, Jack and Hurley.

  5. I cannot tell you how happy I am to see “Emzi” here…that admin is a pain in the ass…all her rules and whatnot…

    Honestly…this is the best explanation for the appendix that I have seen yet.
    Its an important clue, and I feel that if all this timeline business plays out the way everyone thinks…its actually pretty perfect of an explanation.

    Just for the record, I do not think that the timeline is actually REALity…but a trick/reward from MIB…

    Great thought all around regardless…it makes you think what other events could have occurred at about the same time…

    Great idea Emzi, and glad to see YOU here!

    btw…could you post a link of your blog?

    I know you have before, but I couldnt find it a couple of weeks ago…fair warning, when you post a link in comments, it takes a while for it to show…has to be approved by Admin…shes wonderful though…you shouldnt have any problems…

  6. This theory is so refreshingly awesome! I love how you’ve connected everything. And yes, I think you are definitely on to something here! This could potentially explain the “separate reality” very well. When the bomb went off, the subtle changes had to “course correct” so to speak, to reconcile everything.
    This leads my mind to wander on to the end result of this – maybe the losties are in fact trapped on the island now, as Locke/MIB/Dr. Evil is or has been for so long. Since the separate reality has been created by the Losties, they can’t go back to that “world” for lack of a better term. Just a thought.
    So how is Dr. Evil Locke going to get off the island? Is he going to do something to make the separate realities coincide and that is why everyone else that stays is going to die?

  7. sounds right on! And if you’re correct on this, there’s got to be other similar events that have happened to other Losties. My first thought; Sawyer’s poor eyesite that he struggled with Season 1, so maybe Sawyer has been wearing glasses/contacts since he was a kid..that would be less obvious, but I’ll be looking for it..also, Ben having cancer, but he wasnt 70s Lostie, don’t know if that matters..

  8. @AES
    ya I was thinking that too, that Kate and Sawyer were around 8 years old when Jacob came..but what could that mean? What are you thinking AES?

  9. I don’t think Kate could have been 7 or 8 in 1977… (I was born in 77 & I’m 32, so if Kate was born in 1977 she would be 29 is 2007…, and 26 in 2004.) For her 2 be 7 or 8 in 1977 she would have to be 31 in 2004 NO WAY…

  10. Im thinking that just because the island is at the bottom of the ocean, doesnt mean jacob is there with it…we know so far that MIB wants to leave the island. And we know that Dogen is /was seemingly on Jacobs side, and feels that MIB wants to destroy the island and everything on it…

    If it means freedom for MIB, what does it mean for Jacob?
    Or normal life?

  11. Nice Emzi! Something to think about as we get more sideways flashes

    AES… Yes that admin can be a real… Sometimes πŸ™‚

    sinister… If I remember correctly back in the beggining of the show Kate suggested shannon not go with them .. In which Shannon replied ..what are you like 2 years older then me? … I believe Shannon is around 23… I could be wrong so ya Kate def isn’t 7 or 8

  12. responding to post comment #5 @I,Locke
    The fact that Juliet operated on Jack’s appendix in 2004 I think meshes well with Emzi’s theory.. I think the point is (correct me if i’m wrong Emzi), since there is now an ALT timeline, the first timeline ceased to exist, but Jack’s appendix DID rupture even though first timeline ceased to exist. If the 2007 Island Jack exists, all of the events in first timeline must have happened, even though the timeline never happened.. The appendix still rupturing is the best compromise of Whatever Happened Happened and ALT timeline.

  13. Hey everyone, thanks for the postitive response to this. Sorry I’m only responding now but I was avoiding comments just incase they mentioned “Sundown” which I only saw last night (what a great episode!).

    Kimberly, you bring up a great point about the timing of Jacob’s first visit. From what we’ve seen Sawyer was first one he visited out of all the “candidates”, which was in 1976.

    Another thing that’s interesting about this, is if the bomb was the cause of the “Alternate Universe”, then Sawyer would be the only person Jacob visited in both timelines. I’m not sure if that is significant but it’s interesting nonetheless.

    Roland – great idea about Locke. Although this theory suggests that it is only those who travelled to 1977 that would be affected by this, I guess because Locke travelled back to 1954 and other times, part of his attributes could’ve transfered to his younger self in 1977. I like it!

    I, Locke – Juliet did take Jacks Appendix out in 2004, but then after this event he travelled back to 1977. This wouldn’t have effected anything that had happened to him prior to this event, even though he is in a time 30 years before having his Appendix taken out.

    itsdesmondbrutha – I wasn’t suggesting that those who Jacob visited would be the only ones effected by this. I used Sawyer as an example because he told Jack that he was 8 years old when his father killed himself and his mother, which was a year prior to 1977. So I used this as evidence to back up that Jack would also be around that age in 1977.

    I don’t think Jacob met Kate in 1977. I’ve always thought of Kate as being around 25 years old in 2004, that would make her year of birth 1979, and if Jacob met her when she was around 8, that would make his meeting with her be in 1987.

    A.E.S. – Yeah that admin is a right pain in the bum πŸ˜‰

    After seeing Sundown last night your idea about this reality being a “trick/reward” by MIB makes sense. I’m not sure if he created it though. I think there is an alternate timeline and MIB is aware of it and is using it to his advantage. I’m probably completely wrong though πŸ™‚

    And the link to my blog is – I haven’t published my Lighthouse review yet. I’ve written it, I just need to add the fancy pictures πŸ™‚

    Thanks to everyone else for their comments on this – Dabs, waycurious, Sinster, mojo, bobt, henrygale108 and pylonbusta πŸ™‚

  14. Hey bobt,

    Basically what I’m suggesting is in the original timeline Jack has his appenix taken out by Juliet, and then 3 years later he travels back in time to 1977.

    When they detonate the bomb the original timeline remains the same, but it also creates the “alternate timeline”, where Jack had his appendix out when he was 7 or 8.

    The creation of this alternate timeline happened when the bomb went off in 1977 but parts of Jacks attributes transfered to his younger self that was also exsisting in 1977, but to his alternate self.

    Because he no longer had an Appendix, his alternate younger self would have probably suffered pain in this region and that’s why he had it taken out.

    I guess to put it simply, the bomb blowing up in 1977 caused his appendix to burst when he 8 years old in the alternate timeline.

    I hope that makes sense πŸ™‚

  15. Excellent Emzi… I’m loving this!

    Do you think this could also apply to everyone that sustained injuries in the original 2004 timeline, that went back to the 1974 to 1977 timeline?

    Sawyer and Sayid could possibly have the scars from their wounds in the 2004/pre island time jump… And, this idea may also explain why Sun didn’t go back to 1977 with the rest of them. The new created timeline would not be able to account for Ji Yeon!

    This could also explain, why Locke does not have his scar in the new timeline, because he wasn’t in 1977 when the new timeline was created.

    You have definitely given me tons to think about… Great job!

  16. @ Henry Gale… Shannon was 20, Boone said it once when they were arguing about her sunbathing. I remember the scene your referring 2 she did say that 2 Kate…

    I have 2 read ur blog… Wish I could right now

  17. Hah, I like the idea that the alt timeline is the result of a Faustian bargain, because everyone gets a better life seemingly. Although, it’s interesting to note that Sayid doesn’t end up with Nadia…his brother does…why?? Anyways..
    As for Jack’s appendix, I’m not sure I am understanding the aforementioned theory…let me get this right… Jack had his appendix taken out by Juliet (2004?) and then lives off the island for 3 years (until 2007?) and then RETURNS to the island and ends up in 1977 (30 years earlier) and then his consciousness goes to his alternate timeline self’s childhood body and takes the scar with him (?) or he has pain there and THEN as a 7/8 year old has the appendix removed? But he doesn’t remember it as an adult? If he had the surgery anyway as an 8 year old..there isn’t any reason for time to course correct, as in the alternate timeline he did have the surgery as a kid and the scar would be there as an adult..someone please clarify I think I’m missing out
    I’m a little confused..
    Anyway, I think I like what I’m reading, but just can’t grasp it!
    When I was watching that scene with Jack on the phone asking his mom about the scar, I immediately thought the following (maybe it’s similar):
    I don’t think that the alternate timeline joins with the island timeline in a Y shape. Imagine that the Losties are all on a single timeline from their childhood, through th lane crash, etc. UNTIL the jughead blast in 1977 at which point at 1977 there is a fork in the line (hence, the Y shape) where one version of the Losties continued on the island and the “alternate” selves forked off onto the second branch where Jack has a son, the island is underwater, etc.
    I originally thought this is what the writers intended for us to believe, especially with Juliet’s ghost telling Miles and Sawyer that “it worked”.
    However, when I saw the scene with Jack asking about his scar, I rethought the Y shaped timeline. Could it be possible that instead of a Y, there were always two parallel timelines (possibly more – multiverse or string theory anyone?) which included the island timeline (815 crash, leaving and returning to the island, etc.) and the parallel timeline in which Jack DID have the surgery as a child and just simply didn’t remember it later as an adult?

    What I’m saying is that perhaps the jughead blast did not itself create the alternative timeline (hence no Y shaped timeline) but just allowed a gateway, or for a possibility for them to jump to their alternative lives making it so they never were on the island..

  18. Hi Monini,

    Thanks for your comment. I can understand the confusion, so I’ll try and explain πŸ™‚

    Forget about course correction and conscious shifting for now.

    The basis of this theory is to answer the question: Why did Jack have his appedndix removed when he was 8 years old in the alt timeline?

    Even though his life is different, in theory his appendix should burst at the same time in both timelines, but they don’t.

    In 2004 Juliet removes his appendix, so when he travels back in time to 1977 his appendix is still removed.

    So… in 1977 you have two Jacks. One who time travelled and is on the island, and one who is 8 years old off the island.

    When the bomb went off it created an alternate timeline, one where the events we’ve already seen still happens, and one where Jacks life seems to be different: the one where he has his appendix out when he was 8 years old.

    So, the theory is basically, when the alt timline was created (when the bomb went off) anyone who had time travelled to 1977 and had a younger version of themselves off island in 1977, part of their attributes transfered to their younger, alternate self.

    They didn’t conscious shift, and it wasn’t course correction.

    I guess it was just an effect of there being 2 versions of him (time traveller and young), and I guess without the use of a better word, part of time traveller Jack “merged” with young Jack and created alternate timeline Jack, when the alternate timeline was created.

    So, part of this “merge” was Jack without an appendix, which caused alternate Jack to have to have his appendix removed when the alternate timeline was created. (When he was 8 years old in 1977 – the day the bomb went off).

    I have no idea if that makes any sense, but it makes sense in my head πŸ™‚

  19. A.E.S – Great thought about Helens nail polish. My other half actually spotted that while watching, but I didn’t think anything of it (silly me, eh? πŸ˜‰ ).

    So, if MIB is responsible for this alt timeline/reality, why not make it one where everyone is 100% happy and have the best life in the world? (Locke = wheelchair, Kate = on the run, Jack = still divorced, still dead father) etc. etc.

    I’m not ruling it out, it’s a great idea and totally plausible… I guess I’m just not sure why he’d make it so there’s still a bit of misery in their lives if he tends to use it as a bargaining chip.

    Although, getting off the island is probably the best bargaining chip for anyone no matter what kind of life they end up with.


  20. Good qusetion Emzi…
    My answer is simple…he doesnt really care.

    He looks like someone you know attempting to convince you that if you do what he says, he will give you whatever you want.
    If you tell him no, he turns into a piller of smoke and kills you.

    Maybe if you do what he says, he gives you another chance at it.

    Remember, Nadia asked Sayid why he wouldnt be with her, and he felt he didnt deserve her. he had his chance, and made his choice. It doesnt mean they wont end up together, but it doesnt mean they will.

    Look at Claire. Claire has Aaron off island, but she is a shell of herself on island. Is he just going to help her reconnect with her off island self so she is with Aaron again, or are they going to leave the island in a physical manner and return to the 2007 off island timeline and reunite her…

    I apologize for it being so off your topic. I like your thoughts and think they play well into my idea…and dont feel bad, I may be the only one on board for this one, lol…

    Great thoughts again Emzi…I do hope we hear more about Jacks appendix or other such things very soon!

  21. Hey Emzi,
    I’ve been pondering over your theory for awhile, I think I’m getting a better grasp.. Let me just write down my thoughts. The “transfer” of this appendix burst/surgery to Jack’s younger self could have happened in 3 ways:

    1. A sudden dissapearance of the appendix. This would seem like the most logical “transfer”. Time traveling Jack does not have an appendix; younger Jack should instantly not have an appendix in 1977.

    2. What should have happened, happened, appendix rupture. Time traveling Jack went through the typical progression of appendicitis; a blockage or unusual substance in the appendix caused a mild infection, then a fever, then major infection, then critical to the point of surgery. Young Jack might have had this same type of experience.

    3. A sudden unexplainable rupture of the appendix. There was no fever, no symptoms, then a sudden on set of extreme appendicitis.

    Looking over these 3 options, it’s obvious #1 can be ruled out, since young Jack did in fact have appendix surgery. #2 and #3 are both very plausible.

    #3 actually might be less likely since it is very similar to #1 in one very important manner; it is still missing a cause-and-effect PROCESS. #1 means the appendix is gone with no explanation; #3 means the appendix is infected with no explanation.

    So most plausible is #2 in my opinion. And if this is true, this means there is much more than the attributes of a person transferred. This means all the circumstances causing an attribute must be transferred too. I suppose the circumstances do not need to be identical; a good example of this might be Locke being handicap, I seriously doubt it had to do with his Father throwing him out an 8 story window this time!

    Which leads me to my next point. If Jack’s appendix burst and Locke’s handicap were “transferred” to their younger selves by the same process, that would mean Locke would have became handicap at that exact moment in 1977 also! I’m wondering what kind of attributes are really “transferrable” though; I seriously doubt everything that happened to the Losties also happened to their younger versions. I suppose natural experiences, such as appendicitis or Sawyer’s poor vision, seem much more transferrable, since they are dependent on circumstances that are out of a person’s control. So it is interesting that Locke is still handicap, since that resulted from his Father’s doing.

    OK I must stop writing! Meanwhile, I will still be looking for other evidence of these “transfers” in other Losties.. Thanks again for such a great theory!

  22. this is the one post that makes the most sense to me! his mom said that he collapsed in school and when it happens on the island he collapses. the only thing throwing me off is that on the island he had his appendix removed in the 2000s timeline, not when they went back in time to the 70s. but still i am seriously loving this it ties all the parallel universes or whatever they are together.

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