No alt reality.

I have just read a theory by emzi that made something in my head go click. It was about Jacks appendix scar and Jughead. What I propose is that the alt and possibly the on island timeline are not real. Or one is and the other isn’t. Smokie scanned all our losties and is using all their memories to create an alt where they all get what they want out of life.

I mean I know they were all intertwined in some way but did Keamy and Sayid meeting not seem just a little bit of a stretch.

Maybe this is why there has been bleeding between the two realities. Either there are two realities where the losties are in stasis enjoying a fantasy life In one and a war in the other or one is an almost perfect life and the other is war. Either way there are two versions of everyone out there.

Have fun tearing this apart.

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11 thoughts on “No alt reality.

  1. DEAD ON! I love it! This is why there lives are intertwining in the “alt” timeline. It’s really just a fantasy using the people they already know from the island!!!

  2. tear this apart? i am no polar bear.

    i believe this is plausible considering the most recent episode. perhaps in the alt reality, they are all stuck in a matrix like world. a dream world where MIB is really in control and wreaking havoc behind the scenes.

    if i had to choose, i would say the “alt” reality is not real, while the on island one will be where our heroes prevail.

  3. I’m not sure why heaps of people are referring to the new timeline as idyllic or fantasy where they all get what they want. Jack is divorced and struggling to retain a connection with his son who feels he can’t even tell his Dad he still plays the piano, Locke is paralysed, yes he’s still with Helen, but I can’t see that being paralysed and getting fired from a box company is that good, Kate is still a criminal, Claire is a unwed mother who wanted to give up Aaron but then was kind of forced into keeping him and is in LA with no family (that she knows of), Charlie is trying to kill himself, Rose still has cancer, Sayid has to watch the love of his life be married to his idiot of a brother. That doesn’t seem like such a great life to me. It’s all really normal everyday sort of stuff, not really what you’d want from a fantasy world? And if it isn’t real, why spend so much time telling it, what’s the point? You could get the point across in one episode if it wasn’t a real timeline. There has to be something really important about what we are being shown or they wouldn’t spend that much time in the final season on it.

  4. You know, this makes a lot of sense. Like when you dream – and your subconcious “makes up” explanations for things (like Jack’s appendix scar… his mind would create an alternate reason for the scar). You’re right, this could be what MIB is selling the Candidates, a better life. But is Sayid going to have a better life after killing the mobsters? Does his brother die & he gets Nadia after all? Why not just marry Nadia in the first place & skip the “in-law” part?

  5. I agree with TAS. The flash sideways timeline is definitely important. It is either going to end in some catastrophe that the island timeline players prevent/fix OR coverge at some crucial point. The double rabbit back in the ORCHID video (bearing Sawyer’s number 15)was always assumed to be some duplicate version of the rabbit that needed to be kept separate from the other one. We assumed that the rabbit flashed forward when the series got into that, but perhaps it flashed sideways to an aletranet timeline and somehow coverge in the same timeline as its double when we saw the panic when it just dropped in.

  6. oh wow, yes this makes sense!.. And you can further this theory; even when they get another shot at reliving their lives (even though it’s not real), they still make decisions that create the negative circumstances that their lives were in in the first place, such as Kate being a murderer or Jack’s divorce… That’s why MIB says it all “ends the same”.

  7. Interesting. If the safe-landing reality is just an artificial world created by Smokey, it seems that Smokey delivered in some sense:

    * Sawyer wanted to get off the island and now he is.

    * Claire wanted Aaron back and now she has him.

    * Sayid wanted the love of his life to be alive again and now she is.

    * Jin wanted to be reunited with Sun (I guess) and so he was for at least a brief moment.

  8. Tas sometimes I wonder if your watching the same show as the rest of us lol! As well as the excellent points made by ilie John Locke has a relationship with his father. Tawertsankh I know THEY called him cerebus but that was the name they gave to him, not his actual name.

  9. Right just to avoid confusion im gonna call the ‘alt reality’ ‘fake’ and the one we know so well ‘real’

    So do you think the copies of them began while the real losties were crashing or when they traveled back to 2007?
    Because if in ’04 then Widmore wouldnt have had to stage finding the plane and .. well it just simply wouldnt work..

    But if it was in 07 then why is their 2004 off-island different? for example Jacks appendix being taken out when he was 4.

    Or has their current 07 situation been copied but on-island memories replaced with an alternative reason for events (appendix) but how do we explain Jacks son? or are you thinking he has one in the real reality but we just werent aware of it?

    Just tryna get my head around it 🙂

  10. OK, it sounds possible and I like the idea. But there’s a real problem with it being a simulated reality or dream created by MIB. Locke. Why and how would John Locke be stuck in a dream if he is dead?

    I like the other idea of there being two copies of each lostie like those time traveling rabbits. I have forgotten about them!

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