Nadia’s dying words

I just had a thought.. Wasn’t Nadia’s dying words “I want to go home”? That is so eerily similar to Flocke saying he “wants to go home”. I am in no way suggesting that Flocke is Nadia.. I’m saying perhaps Flocke was in a similar situation to Nadia, probably near death at one time, but then he chose to live by making a deal with some deity..which made him into the smoke monster deity on the island maybe?

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It's 9:00pm, on Sunday, May 23rd, 2010, and The End is near..

7 thoughts on “Nadia’s dying words

  1. bobt, nice connection between Nadia’s dying words and the words of Nemesis.

    If you think about this, that is what the majority of the characters having been attempting to do since their first arrival on ‘the island’. The wanting to ‘go home’, I feel is ‘key’ to the overall story, and what is perceived as ‘home’.

    According to Nemesis’ own words about once being a ‘man’, it makes sense that he may have ‘struck’ his own deal at one time….the results of which what turned him into what he currently is.

    Great thoughts.

  2. It’s an interesting thought. Nadia’s line is a bit strange. Perhaps MIB once made a deal with Jacob in order to stay alive. On the other hand, MIB somehow seems to be on the same level as Jacob, as symbolized by the balance in the cave.

  3. I’ve been wondering if E.I. can do what Jacob did in traversing off island to interact with the losties. We can’t forget that so many secondary characters have been seen by multiple losties off island in the flashbacks.

    Charlie met up with Nadia in an attempted mugging, and I believe she was seen by someone else as well. I could be wrong. Kelvin was seen by 3 losties I believe, could be wrong there as well. But of course the list goes on.

    Ever since I saw the extremely bizarre choice of black nail polish on Helen, I’ve been wondering about E.I.’s possible influence off the island.

    I’m sure I’m probably wrong with all of that, I guess insane coicidences can still happen. But you make a good connection with the “wanting to go home” thing, so it does strike curiosity….

    …..By the way, if Nadia WAS E.I., it would explain why Jacob felt no need to help when she was hit by the car. Also, when E.I. says “You have NO IDEA what I’ve gone through to be here.”(or something), he sure does make it sound like he’s been through a whole helluva lot, maybe even off island.

  4. I guess it will be easier to answer this when we get a clue of what E.I. (credit goes to Chiefof16) means with “go home”. At least it seems that he doesn’t mean the Temple.

  5. dabs, ilie, chief,
    thanks for your comments on this, right on!!

    Chief, I really am curious also about HOW MUCH Flocke actually went through to be Flocke..and if he has power to go off island to make things happen for his plan, why isn’t that home enough? I mean, on the island, and off the island, where else could be his home? Oh maybe outerspace somewhere?!! kidding kidding I’m like you man, pleassssssee don’t involve aliens!

    And Ilie, you’re so right, the ending of Sundown was pretty convincing that the Temple wasn’t the home he was after.. He was content enough to recruit Others and Sayid, and move on to the next step in his plan..

  6. I’m thinking E.I. is meaning that he’s trapped in time, or in this specific timeline.

    (I was being sarcastic about the “give Chief credit if you ever use “E.I.” I assume you all know that, but just making sure. It’s tough to be sarcastic to strangers when all you can do is type.)

    Anyway, yeah, if there’s aliens involved, kill me now.

  7. E.I. seems alien enough to me. Or can someone still claim that E.I. is just good old Locke, after his encounter with Sayid’s knife?

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