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In Claire’s original flashbacks, the psychic she visited went into a panic and made it clear that she needed to raise Aaron herself or obviously something awful would occur. We of course never learned what he saw. He then “fooled” her into thinking he had a couple lined up for the adoption in LA telling her what flight to take (gave her ticket) when in reality he apparently knew the plane was going to crash and Claire would therefore not be able to give Aaron away. Does anyone have any thoughts on why it would be vital for Claire to raise Aaron and his significance?

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I am certainly going to miss LOST when it ends and have a feeling that I will be switching off between nail biting and crying throughout the entire final season. The possibility of them dying is just awful when you really love and enjoy the characters. I would love to see a LOST SPECIALl that airs AFTER the season finale that goes through many of the episodes pointing out clues and interesting tidbits that we may have missed the first go-round or even if we re-watched any. Even if most of the mysteries and questions are addressed in the finale, little things that LOST fans enjoy blogging about (paintings on walls, photos in scenes, clocks, someone in background that is significant, etc)would make for a great LOST SPECIAL. Anyway, this is a great forum.

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  1. The psychic (Richard Malkin) admitted to Eko in a later episode that he is a fraud. Someone must have made him tell Claire all these things. Considering that Richard’s daughter was miraculously resurrected after drowning, we might guess that Jacob had something to do with it.

  2. Probably Jacob made a deal with him in order to make sure things happened correctly. In exchange for that deal he resurrected his daughter maybe…

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