Lost, Lost Libs, and Chronopolis

This post is in response to a request from AES for information about the nature of reincarnation in the book “The Fall of Chronopolis” by Barrington J. Bailey. It arose in the comments section of his latest post “Lost Libs…” I have done several posts about this book and the parallels in Lost. Those who are not familiar may want to read them, but it is not necessary to have read them. They are entitled “Lost and The Fall of Chronopolis,” “Time and Tide,” and “Cautionary.” This post will deal mainly with reincarnation in “The Fall of Chronopolis” and possible similarities to what AES proposes.

In the book Bailey describes the soul as being eternal and yet only existing in reality, i.e. in a body, for a limited time. At the time of death the soul is separated from the body. The separation combined with the trauma of death wipes clean the soul’s memory of it’s life. It then travels backwards in time and reenters the body it just left at the time of conception. The soul then relives it’s life all over. Sometimes it is possible for the soul to remember fragments of what it experienced before. This usually takes the firm if deja vu.

There is a cult in the book called the Traumatic Sect. They worship a being called Hulmul. Hulmul is trying to break into this reality and requires souls freshly separated from their bodies. If Hulmul eats such a soul it can not travel back in time and relive it’s life. To this end the Traumatic Sect sacrifices people to Hulmul after they have terrorized their victims, usually over a period of weeks. However, Hulmul resides in the deepest depths of potential time and would need the souls of every man, woman, and child past, present, and future.

I feel that what AES is proposing for reincarnation in Lost may be similar to what happens in “The Fall of Chronopolis. ” I like the idea that the alt lives of the Losties are leaking through to the Island Losties. Also, IMO, the actions and motives of Smokey parallel that of Hulmul in the book. Whatever does happen eventually on Lost I believe there are a lot of parallels in “The Fall of Chronopolis. “

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2 thoughts on “Lost, Lost Libs, and Chronopolis

  1. I love hearing more about Chronopolis…dont know how I never heard of it, but I missed something…and it makes it even more fun that it sort of has backed up a few theories of mine, lol…hope the writers read it too…

    Great stuff here Achalli, you were right, its definitely worthy of its own post…
    I really like the description of the soul and its path.
    Question…you say they have done instances like in Lost where the same time period repeats itself…now with that, is there ever a time where when the character remembers it, they change the outcome, or can different occurrences take place in each one?

  2. In Chronopolis there is a immense computer known as the Imperiator that actually runs the Chronatic Empire. For all intents and purposes it is merely an elaborate Magic 8 Ball spewing forth things like “What has been will be.” In actuality what is happening is that the Imperiator is remembering bits and pieces of previous iterations and is guiding the Empire based on past iterations. It is only after the present iteration has ended but before the new one begins that the Imperiator clearly remembers the past iterations and uses that information to create the next iteration. The new iteration will unfold in a similar fashion but with vastly different details. But each time the Imperiator will guide events with the intent of defeating Hulmul and the Minion for good.

    In the alt world we are seeing similar events play out but under vastly different details. It would appear that some of the details are bleeding through. In the end I believe we will see that new people will have taken the place of Jacobs and Smokey but the same story will begin again.

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