Richard and Young Locke

To me, one of the most mysterious scenes in Lost was when Richard Alpert visited Locke as a child, laid out several items in front of him and asked Locke which of the items belong to him…as in ‘already’ belong to him.  And we see a picture of the smoke monster that young Locke drew.

I’ve been trying to come up with a theory that explains that scene and I just can’t do it.  I was wondering if anyone has some good ideas with respect to this scene?

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6 thoughts on “Richard and Young Locke

  1. Thanks, I_Am_Jacob.

    I think there has to be some kind of time loop like you said. But I am having a hard time figuring out how things that he encountered as an adult make their way into his head as a child. The 2nd time through the loop is he somehow born with some residual memories of the 1st through the loop?

  2. Reincarnation… the method of using items that belong to somebody who died is also used to find the reincarnation of buddah as the dalai lama.

  3. Scarab,

    I read about what you said, and the process of identifying the Dalai Lama seems to be exactly what Richard Alpert did to young Locke. Something else I found interesting is that when they cremate the Dalai Lama, they look in the direction of the smoke to find the reincarnation.

    So what is he a reincarnation of? Future Locke?

    Did he pass the test? I have to re-watch the scene, but I remember when Locke chose the third item, Richard seemed to get angry and storm off as if he failed. Or did Richard storm off because Locke did pass and Richard was frightened by the result?

  4. I just re-watched the scene. I was always under the impression that he chose 3 items…the sand (ash?), the compass, and the knife because he puts the sand and the compass in front of him. I didn’t think his task was to choose just one item.

    I don’t think we have any evidence that Richard has time traveled, which would mean when he visited young Locke, he had only only met adult Locke for a few minutes when Locke flashed back to 1954. If that’s the case, the only thing he would know (or at least think) belonged to adult John was the compass.

    We’ve seen so many knives. Is that a knife we’ve seen before? Is it one of the ones John brought with him to the island and/or the one ben used to kill Jacob?

    This is my current theory about this scene now that you’ve made me realize the test was for him to pick only one item and that the compass never really belonged to him:

    Richard had only seen John for a few minutes in 1954 and the only item John had was the compass. Therefore, Richard thought the compass was the correct answer, but as you point out John never owned the compass. However, unknown to Richard, John owned a lot of knives so therefore the knife was in fact the correct answer but Richard didn’t know that.

  5. With regards to the baseball glove, I never made the connection between that and Dogen…very interesting. I always thought the baseball glove and the comic book were just confusers…things a kid might want.

    By the way, do baseballs float? When Dogen let go of it in the water, it went shooting to the top. I didn’t think they were that buoyant. If not, is there something hidden inside?

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