Obi Wan Kanobi

Hey, should we pay more attention to Hurley’s comment that Jacob is “like Obi Wan Kanobi”?  Maybe he didn’t just mean that he comes & goes as he pleases, is it possible that Jacob is more like Obi Wan (a mentor) to Luke Skywalker (Jack) than the actual leader himself?  Jack, who has to defeat Darth Vader (Flocke) being lead by MIB?

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3 thoughts on “Obi Wan Kanobi

  1. In any case, Jacob isn’t the leader anymore, simply because he’s dead. Assuming that he brought Jack to the island to become the leader, I think Jacob is indeed some sort of mentor.

  2. I think that Jacob resembles Obi Wan in another way also – Obi Wan accepted his death when Vader killed him because he knew it was necessary and that he would become more powerful through death by becoming part of the force, not just using it. I believe Jacob knew his death to be necessary also for the greater good to ensue – so that his plan could play out. He knew he was going to die – and that he needed Hurley to communicate through.

  3. Does that mean we’re going to find out that Locke is Jack’s real father?! >:]

    (Yes. I went there.)

    *I don’t think my comment is showing up just yet…but just in case I posted it twice, sorry!

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