the meaning of the alt. timeline

i dont know if this has been posted before but here i go.

So far the episodes concering spefic characters (not la x) we’ve seen our main charcters go through situations that have been central to them (  is sayid a killer, locke’s paraylsis)  and 2 characters we’ve seen with positive outcomes locke and Jack. Locke accepted his destiny and Jack became a better father than his own. On the other hand we see Sayid who reverted to his old ways of killing someone, and Kate is still on run. I thing this shows who will be Jacobs side and whos on MIbs which means i believe somehow Locke will return

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4 thoughts on “the meaning of the alt. timeline

  1. Hah, I think this is very interesting! We have to see what Sawyer’s alternate timeline is though, because a lot of people think he’s conning UnLocke… Also, what do you make of Claire’s alternate timeline and the fact that she’s following UnLocke?

  2. I don’t think we’ve seen enough of Claire in the alternate timeline to make a good determination… we really only saw her as we were seeing Kate in the alt. I’m sure there’s more to play out for both of them.

    Sawyer’s alternate story will be really interesting too. I’m kind of thinking that he’s conning Locke but who knows… he might have gone over to the dark side… anything is possible; we haven’t seen him in a while. But when we did last see Sawyer he seemed to be still unclaimed. He was listening to what Locke had to say and he agreed that the two of them have similar goals (getting the eff off the island) but he certainly didn’t look like Sayid and Claire look now…

  3. i agree about not seeing enough of Clarire plus in the alt. timeline so far we know Ben is a high school teacher nothing sinister in that

  4. aparrantly in Sawyers ‘ALT’ he’s working as a detective on a case with Miles, this shows that Miles and Sawyer are supposed to be working together one way or another. So this means that your theory could be working, this would also mean that Sawyer IS conning the MIB.

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