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6 thoughts on “VOTE FOR LOST

  1. How the hell is Fringe winning by a couple percentage points!!!!!!!!!?…………

    Fringe has the same ol’ formula where almost every episode has it’s own megaweird story/creature/fringy…thing, that when the episode ends, everything’s magically back to normal. It’s a tried and true formula that Supernatural and House have done and succeeded with, but it’s also a bit unoriginal and extremely unbelievable.

    Nothing that happens on Lost is believeable, I know. But here’s the scoop on Fringe: 3 people: An old scientist, his son, and a member of the FBI. Somehow they save the world on a daily basis all because the scientist remembers something important at the most conveniently perfect moment throughout an episode. Then life’s back to normal the next day like nothing ever happened. That’s Fringe. There’s good writing sometimes, but nothing like Lost. They’re not even on the same planet in my book.

    If Fringe wins the whole Hulu tourney, I’ll pee on society’s face.

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