Locke and Ben and Roger

The scene in the cafeteria with Locke egging Ben on to go for the Principles job was creepy. Very reminiscent of Smockes attempts to influence peoples decisions on the Island. I thought for awhile that Alex was in on it and she and Smocke were setting Ben up to lose everything.

Roger and Ben’s scene was pretty enlightening, too. The Island did exist in alt time. What it’s doing on the bottom of the ocean? And how did they get off the island?

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3 thoughts on “Locke and Ben and Roger

  1. Sorry Roland, i completely disagree. I found it very refreshing to see Ben wanting to get the principals job (a position of power) so he could help the kids out. And Locke saying that he’d vote for him also made me smile; it was nice to see the real Locke back for a change just being his usual, good natured self.

    After all the negativity of Season 6 so far, i was glad to watch a more happy episode with meaning.

  2. Watching Locke, I too thought he was acting Smokiesque …and wondered if a rewatch of other episodes where he interacts w/Lostes shows the same behavior. After all, if everyone else’s destiny is paralleled on island/Sidewaysville, why wouldn’t Locke’s?

    As for when/how/why the Linus’ left Dharma, it may be one of those eternally unanswered questions (until someone writes fill-in books). Real question – why did Miles leave the island if Daniel never told his dad to evacuate …

    I liked the analogy of Napoleon and him (and perhaps Widmore).

    Did like the episode. Fitting and nice.

  3. I think you’re both right. I think we were seeing Locke being Locke, and I also think we were seeing a manifestation of the dark side of Locke (MIB) tempting Ben. Ben had good reasons for entering into manipulations, but he resisted doing it simply for power. It is particularly powerful that in the sideline Ben chose not to sacrifice Alex- a student, but not his daughter. He had less on the line but still chose not to act in the negative.

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