Desmond as Wallace/108

Written 9th March

I’ve been lurking these threads for awhile, but pardon me if I missed any post that discusses what I’m about to– I’ve been thinking for a while that Desmond is a catalyst… I don’t think it was ever approved (not sure why, maybe the mods are backed up) but here’s part of something else I wrote in response to an older episode before the Lighthouse:

Anyway, in my mind, as of the last episode, I no longer think Jacob or even MIB are the be all end all. Whether the writers have time to explain it or not, “everyone answers to someone”, so it could be that Jacob and MIB answer to something higher as well. I think this is because of how I started to see Desmond– as a catalyst for events– so in a way I started to see Jacob’s “touch” in other people’s lives less as a mark of candidacy and more as a catalyst to bring everyone to the island for something bigger (war of the worlds/dimensions/etc).

This “something bigger”, if it’s a war/coming apocalypse might be rather cliche though since a lot of great epic storylines lead to a major war, the struggle between ideologies or a fight to change the status quo (like in Harry Potter or The Chronicles of Narnia, I guess). But that keeps up with the Book of Revelation/notion of how the apocalypse will come about according to the book of John. (Interesting to note whose book that story is from, no? You should check out the symbolism too, because it might foreshadow the explanation of Kate/Sawyer seeing the pale horse and the dark horse from Kate’s past.) If done correctly, it could be rather amazing. Esp. for simple primetime TV.

This was before the Lighthouse ep. Imagine my surprise, when 108 was listed as an “unknown” Wallace.

I still think Wallace could be a pseudonym for Desmond– as Jeremy Benthem was for John Locke. For what reason, I’m not sure. But William Wallace is Scottish national hero, renowned for leading the fight for Scottish Independence (check out the Wiki entry on the guy for more info).

I don’t know, I’m sure lots will have something to say against this– lots of theories float around about how unimportant 108 Wallace will turn out to be, or that it’s a shout out to some scientist. I still hold firm that Desmond will have a pivotal role in this show’s ending. He has been the catalyst for some of the most important happenings in this show… including, as we found out eventually, the crash of 815 itself.

He’s been absent a bit now, but I’m holding that we’ll soon see Mr. Hume initiate another chain of important events. Perhaps he won’t be the center of these events, but definitely he is an integral part (a constant of sorts) for the fate of the Island.


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