Significance of: AARON/JACOB/MIB/JI YEON… Now DAVID?

Written 9th March

I wrote this much earlier in this season to a friend, but I want to revisit this as crazy as it might sound, especially with the introduction of Jack’s son in the last episode. Addendums to the original thoughts will be in italics so you know which is a product of newer information.

My mind is easily scrambled when trying to explain things, any help/insight would be great! I know a lot of people HATE the idea of Aaron as Jacob/David as MIB or what have you… but in any case, check it out. And, please, help it out! :]

I’m getting more convinced that Aaron is a reincarnation of Jacob (and if not Jacob maybe someone else). This would go with the meshing of eastern and western philosophies that the show likes to do. (So it would still be a nice allusion to Aaron being a descendant of Jacob a la Old Testament AND reincarnation a la Buddhist/Hindu traditions.) If Aaron is not the “Chosen One” in this situation, he may just be a messenger (or even the reincarnation of Jacob the messenger) who foretells the coming of the Chosen One (whoever that is and whatever that might mean). As John the Baptist preceded Jesus in the Bible. Though it may not work out time-wise, but perhaps, David… presumably being older in the SLU timeline than Aaron, is somehow a sidekick in preceding the arrival of this special child? If memory serves me correctly, Virgin Mary and Elizabeth (John the Baptist’s mom) were related somehow… making John and Jesus distant relatives, which parallels David and Aaron as cousins…

Which leaves us with– who is to bear the Chosen One?
1. Will it be Kate, and that’s why she’s always involved secondhand with babies no matter where she is (help’s with Claire’s baby, takes in Aaron, I can’t remember but I think she’s the first person Sun asked to keep the secret about her pregnancy besides Sawyer who found out by way of necessity).

2. Was it Sun, therefore making Ji Yeon’s role– and her absence from the alternate timeline– more important? Is it part of the loophole that Ji Yeon is female?

Anyway, in my mind, as of the last episode, I no longer think Jacob or even MIB are the be all end all. Whether the writers have time to explain it or not, “everyone answers to someone”, so it could be that Jacob and MIB answer to something higher as well. I think this is because of how I started to see Desmond– as a catalyst for events– so in a way I started to see Jacob’s “touch” in other people’s lives less as a mark of candidacy and more as a catalyst to bring everyone to the island for something bigger (war of the worlds/dimensions/etc).

This “something bigger”, if it’s a war/coming apocalypse might be rather cliche though since a lot of great epic storylines lead to a major war, the struggle between ideologies or a fight to change the status quo (like in Harry Potter or The Chronicles of Narnia, I guess). But that keeps up with the Book of Revelation/notion of how the apocalypse will come about according to the book of John. (Interesting to note whose book that story is from, no? You should check out the symbolism too, because it might foreshadow the explanation of Kate/Sawyer seeing the pale horse and the dark horse from Kate’s past.) If done correctly, it could be rather amazing. Esp. for simple primetime TV.

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SUPERFLUOUS THEORIES: 1) "Uh-oh," said by Miles, is the biggest answer we'll get. 2) Last scene is Vincent opening his eye from his dog nap. 3) Series spin-offs will include "Hurley and the Search for the Last Cheese Curd" and a Lifetime Original Movie "Run Away and Blow Up The Stepfather Who Turned Out to Be Your Dad: The Kate Austen Story".

2 thoughts on “Significance of: AARON/JACOB/MIB/JI YEON… Now DAVID?

  1. i like that you bring up ji yeon, we havent really been paying attention to her, but she is obviously going to be very important since she was the only baby conceived on the island. and since jacob touched both sun and jin she might be the kwon on the list.
    as far as all the bible stuff i dont really know much about religion so i’ll take your word on it, but i am really hoping the ending isnt religious at all (although something religious would be better than aliens)

  2. Yi Jeon could be a good protector. Womyn on the island can kick any guys butt with a single punch … and w/Jin as a dad, her potential is unlimited!

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