Kate is not recruited yet

Some people seem to think that Kate is already (at the end of episode 6×06) recruited by E.I. Locke. To me (and probably to most other viewers) it is obvious that Kate is still normal and that she’s just following Claire. Kate came back to the Island to look for Claire and now she thinks she’s found her. Both Locke and Kate look surprised to see each other, but Kate ought to be the more surprised one since she must have thought that Locke is dead.

So Kate is not recruited yet. However, who knows what will happen in the next episodes if and when Kate interacts with Locke, Claire, Sawyer and Jin.

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9 thoughts on “Kate is not recruited yet

  1. I agree-Kate hasn’t been recruited or claimed yet. The look on her face at the end of Sundown seemed to be one of disbelief at the carnage and violence at the Temple. She definitely is following Claire–that’s why she returned to the island–and isn’t aware of what’s going on. I don’t think she knows that Locke is dead–she’s been in 1977 all this time and isn’t aware that Ben killed Locke. The look that Locke gives her seems to be saying “Well, well, well, I think I see another potential recruit here.” I hope that she is true to her nature and doesn’t fall for Locke’s shenanigans. She’s a rebel and a runner, and I can’t see her getting in lockstep (!) with the rest of the sheep.

  2. Ah, I forgot that she probably wasn’t aware that a dead Locke was with them on the Ajira flight. In any case she would have no reason to expect to see Locke (dead or alive) on the Island like that.

  3. Kate knew Locke was dead I’m sure. I think she and Jack even had a scene about it. It was when they met secretly and Jack was trying to talk her in to going back to the Island. I do agree that right now the only interest Kate has with Locke and his group is helping Claire. That’s why she followed. I see Kate becoming a more important to the Island than most have guessed so far.

  4. Right after Kate woke up and climbed out of the tree,ears still ringing from the blast or traveling thru time.She made a decision to go to Jack to check on him first instead of Sawyer.This leads me to believe she’ll choose Jack’s side.Who knows maybe she won’t have to choose between them afterall.

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