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Written 11th March

Did anyone see the March 2, 2010 article from the Washington Post? It begins: “Many of the questions posed during the run of “Lost” that have been keeping you up at night are never going to be answered on the show but will instead be tossed on the compost heap like an old turnip, because, the writers say, they have run out of time.” The author appears to be exaggerating a bit ‘cos Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse were saying that “There’s a lot of little questions that unfortunately we just don’t have time to answer in the amount of time that we have left” (Cuse) and “”Now that we’re [preparing] the finale, we’re not at all having the experience of ‘Oh, my God, we forgot to do this!'” (Lindelof). “We feel like the show should stand on its own,” Cuse said. “We’re actually not going to comment on the show after the finale. We want everybody to basically be able to continue the dialogue. . . . We don’t think it’s really appropriate for us to say, ‘Oh, here is the official definition for what we meant by any particular moment on the show.’ ” I get that they cannot address everything and some will be left up for discussion by fans, but the line, “we’re out of luck if we’re waiting to find out who exactly was the economist Sayid shot on the golf course” is a little distrurbing if it implies that many of these little, yet interesting questions will remain unanswered. What are your reactions as fans of LOST and this site?

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I am certainly going to miss LOST when it ends and have a feeling that I will be switching off between nail biting and crying throughout the entire final season. The possibility of them dying is just awful when you really love and enjoy the characters. I would love to see a LOST SPECIALl that airs AFTER the season finale that goes through many of the episodes pointing out clues and interesting tidbits that we may have missed the first go-round or even if we re-watched any. Even if most of the mysteries and questions are addressed in the finale, little things that LOST fans enjoy blogging about (paintings on walls, photos in scenes, clocks, someone in background that is significant, etc)would make for a great LOST SPECIAL. Anyway, this is a great forum.

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  1. This is the side of LOST that really drives me up the wall.

    This is the side that reminds me that ABC just simply wants viewers every week. Therefore they encourage the writers to put an insane amount of mystery into the show which in turn makes people like us tune in every week in hopes of finding answers.

    As nachochris said, it was inevitable. There’s a business side to LOST that I can’t stand even thinking about. It’s really all ABC has anymore aside from Flashforward and Desperate Housewives, both of which are declining viewer-wise.

    So basically, they’ve known all along what they’ve been doing: incorperating too many questions into a show that they know fans will want answers to, and therefore tune in next Tuesday.

    I still think we’re in store for a very awesome ending, but I hope ABC knows that there’s only a few episodes of this titan of a show left, because after it’s done, I might never watch this channel again (unless it’s their turn for the Super Bowl).

  2. not happy! not happy at all! totally expected but there has been so much, a lot of it we have forgotten about already, so i guess they cant answer it all. the fact that they say a lot of fans are going to be pissed, makes me even more convinced it’s going to have a dream end or something stupid like that.

    ilie – lmaooo well glad we know the end of the inhaler saga!

  3. This makes me incredibly unhappy, esp because I was very annoyed at the introduction of characters that were mostly plot devices taking up precious time (i.e. Dogen, Lennon, Ilana)… I know they have purposes to a point, but I just thought too much time was given to explain their back stories when all we really want are answers!

    I hope the “whispers” and Annie’s importance will be two they drop… I really want them to give answers regarding Walt (which I believe they said they would in the finale) and visions of Christian, as well as the presence of DHARMA.

    @ilieintheshadowofthestatue gets my vote for best quip of the week in the forums. ;]

  4. Thanks, obsessedWlost and ADayAfar. 😉

    I think I’m settling for quite low expectations regarding answers to the mysteries of Lost. That way I will be able to enjoy whatever surprise they have for us in the finale. I’ll just be happy if I get to know who is behind all these rules they talk about.

  5. We need to start a letter writing campaign right now asking for special features on the 6th season dvd that answer some of the burning questions they have not taken the time or trouble to incorporate into the main narrative of the show.

    If enough fans threaten to NOT buy their cruddy box set dvds (at 60$ a pop) unless they are satisfied that they will get to scratch that annoying itch, the American Broadcasting Company will put pressure on Lindeloff and Cuse to reverse their stance.

    Great Art?
    Please! Clever, yes, but it remains to be seen if they will deliver on the GREAT part or if they have just been yanking us around for SIX YEARS.

  6. I can’t imagine how awesome it would be to have that kind of power. The power of captivating millions of viewers for 6 years, and then being able to give it a terrible ending, and say “Haha, we just totally fucked with your mind.”
    But I think they will do the best they can. Season 2 and 3 got a little off track, because ABC is a business and Lost is a product to them, but they’ve kept me watching all these years, so I have faith they’ll pull it off. It’s not going to be perfect, and they’ll be a lot of things left out, but I think it will be mostly satisfying.
    And if not, we can arrange a huge Lost Bashing Party where everyone gets together and burn their DVDs in the ABC parking lot.

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