Is Richard Alpert a Candidate?

I have watched the Dr. Linus episode three times. It seems to me that Alpert was touched by Jacob and given a “gift”, but is still a candidate. Ilana specifically says there are 6 remaining, but she does not seem to be the most informed person on The Island. I have them as Jack, Hurley, Alpert, Sun/Jin, Lepidus & Linus. This is based on my opinion that Sayid, Sawyer, Kate & Claire have been claimed by MIB. Who are your six?

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6 thoughts on “Is Richard Alpert a Candidate?

  1. I don’t think Kate or Sawyer have been claimed or infected. Just because they are in Lockes camp now doesn’t mean anything. Especially Kate.

  2. According to the names we saw in tha cave the six were: Locke, Ford, Reyes, Jarrah, Shephard, Kwon
    Now it seems as though we can scratch Locke from the list – unless Ilana knows something we don’t about his ability to return. Also, assuming she is no longer including Jarrah since she knows he killed Dogen. The writers have confirmed that Kate’s name was in the cave and crossed off – so it does not seem she is a candidate.

    So my six would be:
    Ford, Reyes, Shephard, Kwon, Desmond (mainly because of the way he appeared to Jack on the plane in Jacobesque kinda’ way), and Annie (Ben’s childhood friend – we’ve heard from the writers that she will be important to the show).

  3. I also read kates name was crossed off so she’s not one of mine.

    Mine would be Sawyer, Jack, Kwon, Hurley, Sayid and Lapidus. Or maybe substitute Sayid for Ben or Aaron (assuming Ilana knows Sayid would no longer be classed as a candidate due to his mass murder)

  4. #3 – Annie is not important, will not see her or hear about anymore of her story, she was important to Ben as a young child and they were just showing a little about her to parrellel Juliet, everybody stop asking about Annie, there are so many more BIGGER fish to fry
    Sorry for the rant but I never thought she was important and got so sick of everyone asking about her when the whispers and nubers are way mnore important to the mythology of Lost

  5. Let’s be careful not to put too much stock in Ilana’s assertion that there are 6 candidates left. She told Sun that she wasn’t sure if she was meant to protect her, Jin, or the both of them. She was going to protect them based on the fact that they are candidates. How can she know how many candidates there are for sure if she doesn’t even know the details about Kwon-42? And if she did, does her “6 left” include them? One of them or both or neither? It’s too ambiguous at this point to count on the number 6.

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