LOST’s Loophole

Talk of how the show is going to end has got me thinking about the “loophole”. We’ve been somewhat led to believe that Smokey convincing Locke to turn the wheel allowing him to take the form of Locke to be able to convince Ben to kill Jacob is the loophole. Although this is most likely part of the grand scheme of the “loophole”, I believe the real loophole derives from the Candidacy.

Not sure if anyone has posted this, but my guess is that the “loophole”, which is tied to the game, is for Smokey to take the form of a Candidate and as such to be the last man/woman standing. His goal would be to kill off all of the other Candidates which would make him the final Candidate. Once he becomes the “ONE”, he can then choose to end the game forever. Obviously the trick is in the killing of the other Candidates, which we know based on the rules, he can not do directly.

Now this is going to likely be part of the main plot of how the show ends. That would be another theory.

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16 thoughts on “LOST’s Loophole

  1. Have I missed something? When did we learn that he can’t kill candidates directly?
    Dogen sent Sayid out in the hopes that Nemesis would kill him(Which he didn’t – but that was Dogens plan) If you’re thinking that he “lost” his candidacy due to his “sickness”(Which I’m still not totally convinced that he is “lost” in) this is as far as I know nothing we’ve gotten confirmed, just a whide assumption.. Correct me please – if I am wrong

  2. This is interesting…I am not sure if I agree or not, but interesting no less…

    I can definitely see s scenario such as this playing out…but its my belief that its more manipulative in getting someone else to end the game. Im thinking that we will see another struggle between John and Jack, on opposite sides, a reflection if you will.

    This time John will be trying to leave the island, and Jack will be trying to stop him…

    I like the idea behind this, something to really think about…a very nice thought username!

  3. Flocke must have a reason for keeping Sawyer alive – he could have let him fall from the ladder on the way to the cave, which could have taken him to his death.

  4. Sawyer is the ultimate weapon for MIB right now…after losing Juliet, fill his head with bad intentions about Jack…Kate will probably have to play Sawyers conscious if it goes that route.

  5. Very very interesting, not sure if I agree because Jacob did say “I guess you found your loophole” and then MIB said “Indeed I did”

    Not sure if he meant Ben or Locke.

    I do agree however that he can’t kill the candidates and wants to pin them against eachother so he can be the last man standing. (wonder why he offered taking Jacob’s place as an option to Sawyer?)

    I believe if Sawyer had fallen off the ladder he would survive (similar to how Jack and Richard can’t kill themselves)

    I really don’t know, the whole season has got me twisted!

  6. lets not forget (as i keep on doing) that he hasnt taken over Locke’s body, he is simply impersonating him, like a shape-shifter. I dont think doing this would make him a candidate as everyone (well, Richard, Saywer, Ben, etc..) knows that it isnt Locke so why would the island/whatever be tricked into thinking so? I dont see how him looking like someone would be a loophole in whatever rules are playing out.

    Unless he was always a candidate no matter what form he takes. In that case, ignore whatever i said.

    Also, wouldnt Richard have known about this whole impersonation thing that smokie can do? Why would he assume all along that it was Locke, especially when he started acting a little odd. He seems to be as in the dark as everyone else (including me)

  7. I was almost convinced by this theory until Donmartinez made his excellent points.

    Regarding Richard not knowing about the impersonation thing, note that Ben didn’t fully seem to understand that Smokey was impersonating Alex either at the time.

    Perhaps it was only when Ben and Richard understood that Flocke was actually Nemesis/Smokey that they began to understand the impersonation thing.

    On the other hand, Dogen seemed to understand the impersonation thing quite well. Remember that Dogen said something like “he will come to you as someone you know, someone dead”.

    And Ilana seemed to know as much as Dogen. For example she knew that Nemesis is stuck in the form of Locke from now on.

  8. I have to agree, don martinez makes an excellent point, but lets not forget what Alana said about MIB not be able to take any other form anymore. Why did she say that?

    Also, there is that deleted scene where we see two Bens after he turned the wheel and landed in Tunisia, oh yeah the other bunny from the orientation film.

    I’m leaning on the possibility that this is really a physical body being occupied.

  9. Than again there’s the other possibility where Smokey can only take the form of a dead body (Echo’s brother, Christian, Ben’s daugther), and the only reason he’s stuck in Locke is because Jacob is now dead.

    This could play into how the loop usually ends with Jacob and MIB taking the form of a candidate in the end, but that’s another theory.

  10. Username, this is from my theory “Record Thepry- Awesome”, check it out, i think you would like it”:

    {{Locke appears in 1950 and prophesizes his own coming, now the MIB sees his loophole and a way to influence Locke so he can embody Locke. He figured out a way to embody a chosen one on the list so he believes he can’t lose. He also can use Lockes “body” to influence Ben to kill Jacob. I guess that’s not against the rules???? He then recruited Sawyer to fight his war. Jack has been the chosen one since the beginning (his last name is Shepard for Christ sake). He will be the one to fight for Jacob. Jack Vs. Sawyer. The other people in the game (sayid,hurley,jin) may end up getting “crossed off” the wall.

    The funny thing about this is it doesn’t matter who wins Jack(Jacob) or Sawyer(MIB). Because in order to give humanity a chance to survive by changing doomsday. Someone needed to change the numerical values of any one of the core factors (4,8,15,16,23,42) in the equation. The MIB is the one who made the change happen, by changing #4 Locke. }}

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