Christian – Is he on MIB’s side or Jacob’s???

Quick one…..
We are led to believe that Jacob’s cabin had been used by someone else! (MIB)
In it we saw Christian who claimed to be able to answer for Jacob.

MIB cant leave the Island.
Christian was on the Freighter, when he/the island let Michael die.
The Freighter was outside the grip/compass baring of the Island – i.e. not on the Island.

So if Christian was a re-encarnation of MIB – he can leave the Island!
So if MIB cant leave the Island – Christian wasnt MIB, so who is he and Is he on Jacobs side???????

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2 thoughts on “Christian – Is he on MIB’s side or Jacob’s???

  1. I think he is helping out Jacob in someway because we have seen Jacob off the Island an we have seen Christian off the Island when he is on the freighter but he is also off Island when he tries to talk with Jack after they get back home an he is interrupted by someone leaving an Christian disappears, I think its sometime in the beginning of season 4.

  2. Ahh see this isnt such a big question to me .. this is what i care least about.

    My MASSIVE question is WHAT THE HELL IS CHRISTIAN!?? haha

    Nobody seems to know if he is good or evil but my god is he a ghost?

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