The Grey Smoke Monster!

Is it just me, or has the smoke monster become grey this season? (season 6)
Maybe its the CGI but the 5 previous years it was very Black! Yet now it seems Grey!

So, with this in mind I have a little idea (which is probably wrong)
What if MIB is pretending to be the Smoke Monster? hence hinting to the audience with the Grey as a clue! Just like he appears as different people.
Or is there two smoke monsters??
The Grey one being MIB
The Black one being ‘the security system’ Ben mentioned.
A security system which would protect the Island, not want to leave it!

Remember in season one we didnt always see the monster, also Locke stood and stared at one the next time he approached it confident and it tried to kill him!
More clues that there could be two!
MIB’s Monster could be the one which didnt try and kill Locke – as he had a plan to use him.
The other one maybe tried to Kill Locke to prevent MIB’s plan???

I have even read on here that some people think the Smoke Monster sounds different too.

I wondered for so long why the Smoke Monster let him live one day and tried to Kill him the next, and I thought there may be more than one, so when the Grey Monster arrived this year it sporned this little idea!….

What do you think??????
Should I get my eyes checked? I’m sure I’m not colour blind! lol

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3 thoughts on “The Grey Smoke Monster!

  1. yeah i agree the smoke monster does have different features/characteristics sometimes when we see it. Also think there were lots of theories about how it sometimes splits into smaller parts. I just dont think that we have found out the real smoky story yet. i think there is a bigger picture and i still dont think fake locke turns into it. maybe he controls him or was never the original smoky we saw but has taken over it.

  2. I’ve been wondering this all season. I even wrote a theory abaout it that wasn’t too well received primarily because the producers stated that MIB was in fact Smokey.

    In the first episode this season, Flocke disappears and FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROOM, Smokey comes rolling through the entrance. I don’t understand why Flocke didn’t just immediately turn into Smokey right there by the pillar. He had to vanish first which makes no sense to me at all.

    If Flocke is in fact Smokey like EVERYONE agrees on at this point, then I wish they’d do a better job of showing us proof. We still haven’t seen Flocke actually turn into Smokey or vise versa. Here’s a link to my unaccepted theory in case you’re curious.

  3. The biggest question I have about the Monster and if there are two of them is presented in S5 episode where Sun and Lapidus arrive on the main island from the Hydra island in an outrigger, after Sun hit Ben with and oar, leaving him and Flocke behind. As Sun and Lapidus arrive on the main island, they hear the Monster in the trees, yet Flocke/Nemesis is still on the Hydra island at this time. Unless the Monster can “split” into seperate pieces, there must be two Monsters.

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